Monday , November 30 2020

Djurgården: Arvid Söderblom had to move in the break.

Frölunda goalkeeper Johan Mattsson had to finish his first period on Thursday against Linköping and Frölunda.

It was later found to be due to migraine.

"I do not have much of a game, I just breathe and pass," Yesterday in an interview with GT.

Mattsson, however, started the lineup again two days later at Frölunda's match against Djurgården.

Mattsson resumed

However, when Frölunda was below 1-5, one of them suddenly changed before the second period.

The booth door was guarded by a middle school student, Arvid Söderblom, who sat on the first stand.

– We talked a bit to change Johan Gustafsson. But the last retreating Mattsson retreated, and Frölunda asked for backup from Söderblom. Arvid was initially sitting on the stand and jumped to the side and was ready, said C Mores expert Sanny Lindström.

So, is it a match?

Djurgården won 6-1.

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