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George R. Martin releases a book about Westeros – Culture & Fun


The author of the Ice and Fire Story, the book that forms the basis of the & # 39; Game of Throne & # 39; TV series, is widely known to have suffered from anxiety and cramps. George R. Martin interviews openly with The Guardian and talks about writing the sixth novel in the series.

I have been struggling with it for years. There are more than a dozen novels made up of their heroes, their own allies and lovers. It is very difficult to weave everything. "Fire and blood" was relatively simple to compare, but I tried to write to my author for several years.

Is it a fact collector?

"Fire and Blood" was portrayed as George R. Martin's "Silmarillion" by J R R Tolkien, which extends myth to the background of the fantasy writer's universe. This book comes after Martin's two Swedish fans, Elio M Garcia and Linda Antonssen, published the fan book "Ice and Fire World" in 2014. The two are George RR Martin's assistants and fact collectors, who sometimes know himself better than the residents, Martin said in an interview with Westeros.

I am only expanding and filling some holes in my story about other kings and battles. But we rejected the first concept and instead became this book. The first half of the story of kings of the Tagarian Empire says.

New action

George R R Martin is working on a new TV series developed by HBO. HBO can be played thousands of years before the original series of events. He also tells the Guardian that he and the production company are working together to develop two other series together.

But it has nothing to say until now.

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