Thursday , February 2 2023

Gold chunks go to Kyrkeby Bränneri.


The Academy of Soul consists of 14 other people. Their purpose is, above all, "a good reward for those who make the Spirit." "Golden Nub" has been selected as the winner since 2013. I went to a company and a museum in Vissefjärda in Emmaboda Municipality this year.

The bill reads:
"Gustav III acknowledged Kirby until he allowed spirits to burn alcohol during the ban in 1771. The Soul Academy believes that Kyrkeby is the" golden nub "of spirits in 2018,

Anor since the 18th century

Brennerit has been in the 1970s since the late 1700s. However, in 2000 some people modified and learned to make potato pies. Twice, the burner can quickly create 1 771 bottles each expired. The burning of Kyrkeby is open to the public as a museum. The Gold Award is the moment to go.

"The gold bullion gives us a stunningly stunning reward and knocking on our shoulders, working with Kyrkeby," says spice champion Jens Johannisson. We are a small group that ideally works to keep the old fire and raise the visitor's goals.

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