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Kalmar's Henrik Rydström wants to stop the AIK from the gold.



AIK chases gold medals at Smallland.

I am very fond of Kalmar FF coach Henrik Rydström.

"It is interesting to be able to do some revenge. The definition of AIK hybris, kaxig is basically uncertain. Like me, haha, Rydström says.

One round is left, and the gold medal is solved on Sunday. AIK goes to Smallland (Småland) to secure SM Gold. The gold that AIK already receives from experts and supporters.

But the obstacles remain: Kalmar FF.

There is coach Henrik Rydström at the Småland Club. He really shines when asked about Sunday's battle.

"The fans who bothered me"

Many times AIK is 42 years old, really looking forward to a match, during his active career. He is ticking much more than all the players.

"If you think a little bigger than Kalmar FF, it's very important in all Swedish, it's amazing, it's so cool, it's hanging on by Norrköping, and it's probably something that you want to grow up as a human. Then you will find it interesting to be able to do some revenge, and you will definitely enjoy the opportunity to influence the golden struggle, "says Henrik Rydström.

– Then there is a special relationship with AIK. I was on my way to 2008 and there are fans who are annoying me with fans of Djurgården, Gothenburg and Malmö (laughs), which is AIK. It was a little unpleasant love. But after the match, it was the AIK supporters who understood me best.

"We really are farmers"

– As a player, I can deal with the opponent with frustration as a coach I really have. They (AIK supporters) liked it and could be different on a schedule. One AIK had the same gender as the club. Hybris, crispness and you are just unstable. The definition of AIK hybris, kaxig is basically uncertain. Like me, haha.


The first AIK he met in Sweden met in Råsunda in 1999. It was not a fun experience.

– It was the first year in Sweden in 1999 and scored 4-0 in Råsunda. We were really farmers watching the bus window. "This is great". But we have changed that attitude since 2004. Gustav Vasa chews the farmers of Kalmar and becomes our mental image.

He has better memories since 2007.

– The last AIK lost in the last round of 2007 when we won 2-0. From that time, googla gets a beautiful picture.

"But considering the players, AIK always showed off great games like Daniel Tjernström, Bojan (Djordjic) and Nils-Eric (Johansson).

"But it was the hub of Stockholm's clubs, and we liked it, and then we knew it was not fun to go to Kalmar, and then we would be very hard on them, we really enjoyed it and enjoyed it. We may have lost it, but we can wake up on Sunday.

AIK's great respect for the seasons

It's been 10 years since I got SM Gold on Sunday.

– Yes, things start again. OK.

"We have a gold medal at Halmstad in Örjans Vall Andreas Johansson is completely angry because we won the gold medal He screamed in the hallway Good idea, I do not want to invite a golden party at home in the arena. So, it will also be of additional help to us, but the AIK keeps the lead throughout most of the year.


Henrik Rydström previously reported that he was killed in a letter in 2004. Five years later, several opposition supporters visited his home.

Rydström does not feel aggressive about AIK's supporters. He seems to like their liked during the active year.

"I received a few letters from the AIK supporters, but there are a few more throats, a little more," How great are you farmers? "And we looked like pigs, haha, but I think they say," I hate you, I love you ".

– Kalmar is concerned that there are many AIK supporters. What's up? etc. My experience with AIK supporters is that they are 100% supportive of the team after 1000% support, but then they will remain.

"They'll make fun of me on Sunday, but keep going.No. They scream for what they want for me.It's just fun.

"Golden birds will become silver birds"

Would you like to greet AIK before the game?

"Our goal is to be a golden bird, it is our ambition, but I think they are full of their demons, and I am fully convinced that they have a means to deal with the situation they are under pressure. They showed how good they were all year round, but we will be able to play a game they can challenge.

You have a young team. This will be an important experience. Does the match mean much to you?

– Yes. We need to show that we can handle other situations, especially teams. We are not sure we will succeed, but we hope so. There will be something. At Kalmar I get a lot of criticism because I'm playing with young players, but they also show that I can handle it. It is important to grow into work.

Since 2008 all criminals in Sweden 0:53

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