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Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games made it look like at least a few hours like a rock star, and that's right. They have repeatedly shown the ability to create games that include everything from moving stories to funny characters to open worlds that offer pure exploration. It is not surprising that the latest game budget in "Portfolio" surpasses most Hollywood movies, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception.

Well-planned and detailedly introduced slowly and surely, the lame story of a player crashing into a complex game mechanic and losing confidence in "The Van der Lind Time" is solid, thoughtful, and educational evidence, It is a great way to start the game design. At the end of this so-called prologue, a huge game world is introduced in its entirety. Which contrasts with a somewhat limited surface of the "prologue" attracts a breathtaking view as well as a beautiful view for exploration.

The main characters such as John Marston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Summers, and Hosea Mathews interacted with Arthur Morgan in relation to film sequences or story-related events, but also did not respond to Arthur's attire and behavior, Edo. That's because it's the player's responsibility to care for such a guide as to the protagonist. When he eats rams in a puddle of clay, he gets dirty and the land burns and becomes rich, not only the beard but also the head grows and does not become slim and clumsy in many ways. This kind of detail is remote, but discovering such thoughts in the game is a big part of the pleasure of playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2. So, I will try to frighten you with this kind of curiosity. .

Another way to actively push people and animals around the world is to interact with the environment. When stamps are stamped on the feet or feet, how the mud behaves, how Arthur and his gangs form when they pass, and the artistic and technological shrinkage that must be as much as the details of how blood flows in both rain and clothes Thought fur and the ground will breathe. Just as it is not enough, the character interacts with all sorts of objects in a way that he has not seen before. Simply put, it looks realistic if the character in question picks up a bottle of beans or puts the gun back on the podium. There is no weightless clipping or feather movement in any action, and there is a fixed limit where the character's hand ends and the target starts.

In addition to the main tasks to focus on in this large, comprehensive, well-integrated world, there are many things you can expect. Of course, rock star games exceed my expectations in many ways that I do not even know where to start. But I still think it is one of the best starting points for hunting animals. Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than hunting animals and using part of the body for cooking, not because the possibility of animal hunting is new in the game world. Here, hunting upgrades equipment with horns, including the skin of animals, to produce useful fur and exclusive fur for selling clothes or removing clothes. It can also mean a long journey on the cold mountain peaks that require warm clothing, but it can mean different rewards depending on how you hunt. Shooting the best bear does not need to produce a qualitative cloak. This is because the shotgun may not look like a nice grid pattern like a pair of arrows that are well placed.

Just as this is not enough, the player can store meat, fur, horn-like clothes, weapons and ammo somewhere. This does not fit in Arthur's pocket. And if the horses did not take Arthur to the hunting ground, maybe that picture is here. The western game was not a Western game, of course, but the ability to ride a horse and the words of Red Dead 2 meant more than a means of travel, a walking suitcase, and in most cases Arthur's best friend.

It is important to create a strong bond with the horse in order to get as many words as possible. First, take care of it, brush it and feed it. But even calms it after folding it or running hot with the mob. Managing his words is rewarded with companions who can run faster, be more tenacious, maneuver more easily, and withstand more burdens when the bullet wins. There are also several types of words to choose from. Some can be found in the wilderness, can be tamed, and others can be purchased in other cities. All with different possibilities in terms of endurance, speed and so on.

But horses are not the only way to travel. You can also take a train or walk around one of the many wagons that pull the wagons out of town. More choices and more opportunities open up. However, some cleanup "transients" that are usually found in other large open world games are not provided, which can look good and bad at one time. On the other hand, when trying to sell at a yacht exchange, traveling between the wilderness and urban life can be frustrating. On the other hand, games never break the illusion of time and space games. I am really grateful personally, especially if wildlife is not the only thing that can spend time between major tasks.

Whatever direction you take on each trip, there is always something exciting on the road. If it is not a legendary big reindeer that is attracting it, it may be a stranger who needs help on horseback, or a band of thieves trying to steal it. Or a snake bites the forest and needs an antidote or the most obscene lantisers invite strangers to dinner. Friends of "Van der Lind Time" have left chatting, or strangers in the wild can purchase Arthur's secret treasure map. Or yes … Yes, as you can understand, there is a very long list that can happen between all the places you want to visit in the wild west. And trust me. This is just some of the exciting things that can happen in every outing in the huge world that comes with Red Dead 2. Not all crazy combinations are mentioned.

The game takes time, but the time it takes to perform the tasks you want to perform is fundamentally under every environment that is valuable every second. In particular, combining all of the above with a beautiful, beautiful feel combines the inspiration of the west inspired west, patches of horseshoes to the terrain and the tremor of yet another undiscovered bird species. Nevertheless, the debilitating tempo can sometimes be frustrating. At least in a section full of stressful behavior, I do not want to take quite a long time to pick up a variety of weapons scattered on the ground. Or the body that needs to move well should not be difficult to lift. In most cases, pace adds an almost perfect atmosphere.

As I already said, you may think you do not need to talk anymore, but it does exist. The last thing I want to mention is control of the game. Too much … good and bad. Each selection is made by pressing a quick keystroke or keystroke, which must hold down the same key for a long time. With this layout, you can give different functions to the same button, and some tasks become more difficult to perform "inadvertently". Depending on whether you press the right button, there are some more complex control schedules that take longer to learn when combined with other functional layers on the same button. What can not be avoided in such a huge game, I am one of the complaints I actually have, I am one of two complaints. Nevertheless, there is a bright spot for control schedules. Many control layers leave room for quick and easy to use functions. For example, you can resize the map without having to enter a menu, or simply switch to first-person view by pressing a button.

In conclusion, in this review, I would like to say that there is no doubt that this game is worth your time. This game does not miss an opportunity, it offers everything from the grand open world to the story and the subtle details around it. I have never played a game as high as Red Dead Redemption 2. I will not hesitate to spend as much time as I can in the wild West only for the rest of 2018.


  • Creative story
  • Funny characters
  • Around Granthia
  • Extensive game world
  • Very detailed
  • Very diverse
  • Quiet lukewarm speed
  • When Explorer is the best
  • Horses and everything they mean
  • Hunting and fishing


  • Sometimes slower than you
  • Complex Control Schedule


Writer : Sannie Jönsson

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