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Research: Polio vaccines do not cause allergies.


Like other children, it is not the absence of a vaccine to make children in a human environmental environment that is often not affected by allergies.

Studies by the Karolinska Institute have documented the belief that childhood vaccines can cause allergies.

The way of life of mankind seems to prevent allergy. Previous studies have shown that children who are raised in an anthropological setting have a slightly lower risk of allergies than other children. But what are these habitats that protect children?

Above all, the general practitioner and former medical officer of the anthroposophical ward clinic is now a member of the board and noted that there was no vaccine to keep the child healthy, including measles.

"Says Johan Alm, senior physician at the Sax Children's Youth Hospital in Stockholm. He studied this case and compared the children in an anthroposophical lifestyle.

Johan Alm quoted TT as saying, "We have not found any associations, which means that some parents can ease concerns that their children are sick or are allergic to the vaccine.

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In the current study, Johan Alm and his colleagues tracked three groups of children, from birth to age five. There were 466 children from Järna in the south of Södertälje, 99 of which were considered completely anthropological, and 100 were living in this philosophy and the rest were not considered at all.

During the follow-up period, parents answered questions about their lifestyle and other issues when their child tested multiple times. Best of all, we tested blood samples that were tested for allergy.

– We have a low allergy incidence among anthropologists, in part compared to others. We also knew the association between vaccination and the allergic incidence in the blood sample, but this child was expected because of the low allergic response. However, given the various risk factors, such as the way the family lives, this relationship has disappeared. So our interpretation is that there is no support for polio vaccines that cause allergies, "says Johan Alm.

However, researchers do not know exactly what is happening in humankind's lives that reduce children who cause allergies.

Johan Alm says, "There can be various environmental factors such as diet.

The study also showed that 58-year-olds at the age of 5 did not receive a complete vaccination from a human environmental protection pediatrician.

Because humanitarianists do not mind vaccination, communities outside Järna have had red dogs and measles for many years.

Current research has been published in the Lancet journal Eclinical Medicine.

Revision: Ursula Flatters title is incorrect in previous articles. She made it clear that her statement on the vaccine ended earlier.

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