Sunday , March 26 2023

Samsung's foldable mobile phone


Samung's folding mobile phone is made up of an external screen and a fairly large screen inside, with a height of 7.3 inches. During the presentation, we received a prototype of a phone that was obscured by design. So what we had to see was a really clumsy call. Anyway the function has appeared. All phone features are available on the external screen, and when you open your phone, you can use the apps you used on the external screen on the big screen inside.

Some Challenges

In order to succeed in making this phone, Samsung emphasized that it overcame some technical challenges. This screen is called the Infinity Flex Display. In addition to folding screens, you can use long-term plans on flexible screens and screens.

The folding screen of Samsung Electronics showed that it made the screen much thinner and could fix the bearings using different materials, but at the same time it was possible to move all the layers and make them flexible. The displayed device looked crowded fast, but the picture quality did not seem to be at all good.

Next month mass production

The bendable screen during the presentation is not just an annotation, it has also made progress in terms of ensuring that the screen ends with the customer's hand. Samsung promised that someday "mass production would be possible".

User interface

The reason Samsung has caught my heart is that you can use multiple apps at the same time. Do not actually switch from one app to another without actually having to use multiple apps side by side. Initially, all features are available on external small screens, but apps on external screens are activated on larger fold screens when you open your phone. You can use the entire surface of the internal screen, such as full screen reading or movies, as well as split up to three apps running in parallel.

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