Wednesday , June 7 2023

Sweden Finland Family Day – Enköping –


The aim is not only to promote Finnish culture and language, but also to enhance understanding of the Finnish administration in the Enköping municipality. Municipalities are obliged to provide a variety of activities in Finland.

"We had to listen to Finnish culture and Finnish, and the library is a good place for everyone to know, to be free and open to everyone." We took as much public as possible and kept this in mind when planning this day. "Sweden – Finland Emma Nelsson, one of the family organizers, said.

For children between four and seven years, there was a fairy tale in which they participated and took action. Dancing books is called the method, and through dancing and music, children stimulate language learning and creation. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in the Andus Räppäri performance, and Andus travels to become a rap star. The story was told by Jesse Piisinen.

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Today's Book Circle: Henry Uusimäki, Aila Uusimäki (back plate), Jorma Keskitalo, Anja Johansson, Markku Välilä and Annaliisa Berhhll (backboard).

I also had the opportunity to speak in Finnish. Later that day, Trio constrast played Finnish music and concert.

Another item in the program was the Finnish book circle. This group read Ruokarouvan tytar written by Enni Mustonen.

"We have book circles because we want to read Finnish books, and we want to link them with major historical events. We have read books that we can not read at school, but we repeat them by reading novels often written in the early 20th century .

We stop and discuss without reading alone. Markku Välilä is often associated with historical events.

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