Thursday , March 30 2023

The shaker conditions are as follows:


On Saturday, Sweden had a knife around his neck at home against Croatia. The blue and yellow wins left the chance to continue playing in the A-division of the Nations League before the group stage final.

And Sweden won. So, in the battle for third place, the final round is absolutely critical. Sweden faces France and Croatia faces Portugal at home. Before the match, Sweden is on the same score and goal difference as Croatia. However, the Croatian players scored more goals and it is Croatia that stays in the A division in the starting position.

-We will do our best to help you stay. If that’s not enough, we’ll have to start over at B-division. It’s not a big drama when I leave, but I want to be normal. Sweden’s national team captain Peter Better Gren says there is no talk about this issue.

Depending on the outcome of Croatia, several scenarios can arise in the course of the match in which Sweden must decide to score a goal or keep it low.

The Swedish management staff tracks the position in the second match and informs the players if necessary.

-We will get the information till the end. Depending on what we and their game looks like. Not what we thought of before. We know the conditions. You should try to match it as well as possible. At the end, if we had to get results different from what we had, we’ll know, says team captain Marcus Berg.

The match between France and Sweden can be watched on TV4, C More Football and streamed on Broadcasting starts at 20.00.

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