Sunday , February 5 2023

The Swedish Academy has no feast.


Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT

The Nobel Bankett in Blue Hall in City Hall is one of the highlights of the Nobel Prize. Last year it looked like this.

The existence of the Swedish Academy at this year's Nobel Festival is very uncertain. Members of the Academy and relatives are invited, but according to the Secretary-General, the academy will maintain a low reputation. Sweden's third biggest party, on the other hand, is the same for even invitees.

It is no longer good for the Nobel Foundation. Besides the fact that the Swedish academy is still shaken by other controversies, city politicians in Stockholm have recently opposed the Nobel Center in Blasieholmen.

So I wonder who will come to the Nobel Peace Pact.

– Award-winning institutions, including the Swedish Academy, are invited as well. They always exist, but they can not say wealth or punishment to a single guest. "Said Mikael Östlund, a journalist at the Nobel Foundation.

private party

TT: Will Stokheim's city politicians come to Blasieholmen that there will be no Novell centers?

– Many people are invited and are personal events. We will post some guests on December 5th. Otherwise, the guest list is not official.

The only Mikael that Östlund can say is that the Swedish Democrats are not welcome as usual. According to the Nobel Foundation, this is related to the current past and behavior of the party.

"The Democratic Party of Sweden is not a party like everyone else. The background of the party against rightist extremism and the actions of current actors respect the basic principle that everyone is equally valued and right regardless of color, race or religion The Swedish Democratic Party, in a press conference to celebrate the Nobel Prize this year, "is sending an email to TT.


Asked whether the Swedish Academy is hosting the festival, Anders Olsson told TT:

"No, because we are not a rewarding congregation, we will be withdrawn, there may be individual members to participate, I will attend this ceremony, but I am like the Academy Secretary.

"We are not involved in the academic podium but there will be more delays.

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