Tuesday , May 30 2023

Zara Larsson talks about the great prss in the corner of Hellenius.


Zara Larsson is one of the last three in the "Hellenius Corner" season.

Star artist Zara Larsson (age 20) was a huge success in Sweden and internationally when she unveiled the Swedish Unlock at the age of 17.

In October her new single "Ruin my life" came out. In "Hellenius Corner" she thought the song would be released to the media.

She says she is angry with her writing.

– Before I go public, I am a supernatural person. Nobody likes this. What if everyone said, "God, what does she do?" She speaks in this program.

She appreciates the support she received from Sweden and Europe, but she still says she wants to pass through the United States.

– I have not gone too far there, but no one really sees it. Some people think that mistakes are bigger for others, but I usually remind them that no one cares about what they do. People place great importance on success and she says no one actually sees it unless it works out.

Zara Larsson: "I did not feel at first."

Zara Larsson had previously told her boyfriend Brian Whittaker how he first contacted through Twitter.

It took a long time from the first day in the "Hellenius Corner" to one or two years.

"We spent a couple of days, but at first it was rather crooked, not like" vibe "at first.


But in the end, chemistry has emerged, and artists and British models today have been married for over a year.

The end of the season for "Hellenius Corner" will be broadcast on Sundays at 21:00 on TV4 and TV4play.

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