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20 Minutes-Loop Chinese Character Locks Last Seat Row of A320 Neo

The most important thing: yes. The aircraft can actually tilt backwards. Looks like this DHL machine:


The farthest seat line on the plane …

The German airline Lufthansa has stopped selling six seats because of the risk of the Airbus A320 Neo falling over. As a result, when the center of gravity of the aircraft is completely filled, it moves slightly forward. Lufthansa responds to a note from European air control agency Easa with seat closure.

Security guards reported that the A320 Neo was at security risk. But this only applies to certain configurations of the aircraft, as reported by industry magazine "Aero Telegraph", with the special manipulation of the pilot. An example of where problems can arise is a steep way of moving.

This vulnerability was found in the simulator. Easa says that never happened in real flight.

Passenger in front of luggage

The potential danger of overturning exists not only in the air, but also on the ground. According to "Airtime Week", Lufthansa can unload luggage from the cargo hold in front of certain A320 Neo aircraft when no passengers are present. Otherwise, there is a risk of the plane falling over the stern.

Swiss Lufthansa subsidiary Switzerland is aware of the balance issues of the Airbus A320. A spokesman said for 20 days, "Focusing problems blocked the last row of seats on the A320 aircraft depending on the cargo." But blocking occurs only in certain load constellations.

In Switzerland, precautions were taken from the ground. The airline has defined a specific unloading procedure. For example, the rear container is unloaded in front of the front container. A spokesman said, "These actions control the subject."


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