Sunday , September 22 2019
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20 minutes to Valeria already – 900,000 francs

In just three days, more than 10,000 people donated to Valeria. A 1 year old girl suffers from an extremely rare genetic defect. If you do not get treatment, your age will not be your age. Newly developed treatments can only be cured. To this end, parents started crowdfunding on Friday at over 900,000 francs.

After the gross amount had risen steadily, the total reopened on Sunday afternoon. Anonymous donors paid 40,000 francs and another donor paid 50,000 francs. The majority of supporters donated a small donation of 10 to a few hundred francs.

«We are overwhelmed»

Mario and Alexandra Schenkel, for twenty minutes, said: "There is no word to describe the current state of emotion." We are overwhelmed by your sympathy for Valeria's fate. And it is very good that you get this financial and emotional support. "They emphasize how important all contributions are.

With a cumulative total of 900,000 francs, the development of valerian can continue. Parents declare that the crowdfunding page is open. "Because Valeria does not have an impromptu standard therapy, the future costs of treatment and the additional course of Valeria therapy are very difficult to predict."

Parents also want to help other children.

Additional costs must cover future treatment costs. "We really hope that Valeria can personally appreciate everyone," said the parents.

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