Wednesday , April 14 2021

Art: Kirchner: terrible treatment and original brush

The Bundeskunsthalle has an exhibition that wants to take almost all the pictures with you. If someone insists that the green trees of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner do not actually exist, the curators found them.

Many artists are difficult, but Ernst Ludwig Kirchner would have been horrible. His failure with other painters was notorious. It was enough if someone called him an expressionist. He immediately went to the ceiling.

The article had to be submitted to him for publication before publication, otherwise he banned the reproduction of his paintings. He preferred to write his name as a pseudonym. He also took pictures to give the impression that he was always first and foremost. He was especially hated when his work was exhibited with the works of other artists.

On that matter, he wants to start a retrospective at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. There are 58 paintings, 72 graphics, 4 sketchbooks and 10 sculptures. There are also 45 pictures. The focus is Kirchner's interest in foreign cultures. For example, unlike Paul Gauguin, he was not far away. He was the origin of African sculptures at the Ethnographic Museums. They looked very different from Europeans. It was much more subjective. He was just an expressionist.

In 1917, Kirchner moved from Berlin to Davos, Switzerland, to a mountain hut. "It must have been as exotic as a trip to the South Sea," says Katharina Bergsiedel. Because the mountain landscape inspired him a lot, this exhibition is also a treat for mountaineers and alpine friends. Bergsiedel says, "If you stay longer in Davos, and you see it there, you can see this bright orange in the fall, and when the sun is low, the tree trunk begins to blush.

Kirchner seemed to be a good match for the farmers and the villagers of the mountains, and he thought it was a welcome change. The famous three black-clad virgin is a large oil painting, creating a serious verbiesterte impression. On the other hand, in a photo published in Bonn in 1925, Kirchner saw a picture of three sisters.

After the Austrian "Anschluss" of Nazi Germany in 1938, Kirchner feared that Hitler would invade Switzerland. As a precaution, he placed eye-catching sculptures around the house. This fear has come with frustration about exclusion in Germany, ill health, psychological problems and drug use. All of this shot himself on June 15, 1938.

One person says in an exhibition: "Interesting, but I will not hang it!" Kirchner is different. This is because you can instantly imagine everything in your living room. This exhibition is already a pleasure. It also presents a new perspective to Kirchner connoisseurs. In particular, his great creation period joined the artist group "Brücke" from 1905 to 1913, which is not over. In the mountains of Davos he also painted a great picture.

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