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Stefan Faubeschitz

Madrid – A wide range of 2006 Corolla, from rally gear to fuel-saving goalkeepers, was a very popular all rounder within Toyota range. The renaming of the artistic name Auris theoretically assumes that the stem of the Latin word "aurum" for gold remains somewhat unfortunate. In fact, the Romans "auris" was also called Ohrwaschl. And the little Japanese seemed similarly favorable, and as a result did not contribute to great success.

Along with the return to the traditional name, there is also a history of obedience. Corolla uses sharp cutting headlights and a gigantic deep honeycomb grille that is crucial to his future. The delightfully designed side opens in a sporty bold rear door, with the center LED lights pointing to independent characters. The combination, called Touring Sports, has been extended to a 5-inch, 6-inch wheelbase, with a balanced overhang and an elegant leak-loop line that efficiently hides the total length of more than 4.65 meters. Both body styles feature a new double wishbone rear axle for more accurate and responsive handling.

The cockpit and interior are entirely blended with clear lines and high quality materials. Toyota is not aggressively involved in the new German wave of hard plastic: both levels of the dashboard are made of soft foam and the graphics on the central infotainment screen are easy to read. In known earlier versions, operational logic has been developed further and is indeed self-evident in the application.

In addition to the well-known astute 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine with a manual transmission, two hybrid engines will be available for entry into the market in February 2019: 122 horsepower with a maximum horsepower of 142 horsepower and 180 horsepower with a torque of 180 Newton and 191 Newton meters. New 2-liter – Aggregate – High-compression engine with long stroke, combined intake manifold and direct baffle, and mainly electrically assisted.

For the time being, the initial test drive was only available with a more robust version and could be moved dynamically as needed. Combined use of combustion and electric motors is superbly tuned and always has enough power to like very precise steering, full tensions, but never inconvenient suspension and remarkably neutral control even at high loads . Although each update is getting smaller, a typical down switch remains a CVT transmission with a rubber band effect that Toyota adheres to for reasons of efficiency, cost and durability. The efforts of the six simulated switching stages are respectable, but practical, with little difference. There are times when there are more impressions in digital gear displays that are only effective in jumping numbers. To compensate, the two hybrids shine with typical CO2 values ​​of 99 and 106 per kilometer. Consuming as much as 3.8 liters, which is arithmetically possible, we missed by almost 0.7 liters – 4.5 liters is a pretty significant exercise value.

The two-style body will be on display at the Vienna Motor Show in January and the price will be announced in December and is expected to be about 10% higher than the last Auris series.

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