Wednesday , April 14 2021

Basel supplier excluded from faction SVP District Council excluded

Indeed, the SVP group would have wanted to continue Thursday's debate on where Klaus and his daughter are. But Klaus and Uckel withdrew their request on Wednesday, as the Dominik Straumann group told Congress.

Because they no longer belong to any factions, they lose their jobs. Klauser has been the president of important financial committees so far. The percentage of the ratified committee members is still open. First, the distribution of the command must be recalculated.

Two members have disappeared and SVP still has 26 agents in the Baselbiet Cantonal Parliament. However, it has the largest share among the 90 district administrators.

Klauser and Uccella were excluded two weeks ago by the Allschwil-Schönenbuch branch in the dispute over the imposing of SVP's party powers. In the meantime, they started a new party in their residence. Uccella belongs to the Klauser resident committee, the local council.

According to Klauser, he and his daughter are planning a new party called Allschwiler Volkspartei (AVP). We want to compete in the election by the end of March 2019. SDA

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