Wednesday , March 29 2023

Canceled Votes – Hundreds of Pro Zuluans, Quietly Moutier News


  • Numerous people who supported the change from Moutier to Guangzhou in Jura province had a quiet march in the town.
  • They support democracy that was wounded by the governor's verdict.

Four days ago, Stéphanie Niederhauser canceled the vote in Canton on 18 June 2017.

At that time, with a difference of 137 votes, the results could be narrowed in favor of a change to the state of Jura in the state of Bern. Pro-Jurassic autonomists celebrated a historic day.

Very different from Berntreuen. They raised various complaints about voting because voters' mockery was suspected.


Autonomists responded to the cancellation of the first protest four days ago. Friday's rally was an appeal for democracy, said Valentin Zuber, spokesman for the "Moutier, ville jurassienne" committee at the request of Keystone-da, an AIDS agency.

Participants showed red tape on their mouths. They wanted to show that judgment did not respect democracy.

Banner of protesters.
Legend :

"Bear lives in the Alps, but does not live in Jura." The attitude of autonomists is clear.

SRF / Patrick Mülhauser

The rally began at 19:15 at Moutier Station. The assembly train moved to City Hall. From there, advocates of change in Gwangju made a speech.

Marcel Winnistoerfer (CVP) mayor also spoke to attendees at the rally, with Anne Froidevaux, chairman of the Jura Cantonal, and Corinne Schwab, spokesman of the "Moutier, ville jurassienne" committee.

Protesters with torches.
Legend :

With the torch, the Projurians went through Moutier.

SRF / Patrick Mülhauser

SRF correspondent Rolf Dietrich said, "There are elections in Moutier for two weeks, and there is no one who wants to attract attention due to riot or property damage."

The silence march was the first major action following the Governor's decision. Berntreuen has not planned any action so far. "The Bernjurassians are withdrawing once more from their city," Dietrich explains.

Federal Court or New Vote?

In addition to action and demonstrations, the public is waiting to see what happens to the ballot complaint. Originally, the parties have announced that they will issue a ruling on their damages from the governor to the federal court. Autonomists are now going to look at the situation closely. It is important to act quickly, but it is important not to act early.

The road to the federal court is long and passes first through the administrative courts, so the discussion will proceed quickly. Opportunity to move must be considered. There is another possibility in the conversation: the implementation of a new vote. At best, things can be blocked.

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