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Corona News: Fitness Tracker Makes Corona Diagnosis Easier


As part of the DETECT study, researchers at the US Scripps Research Translational Institute are investigating the extent to which fitness trackers can detect corona infections. All Americans can participate by downloading the MyDataHelps app and sharing the data they collect with fitness trackers. In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute launched a similar project in April as a data donation app.

The first results of a DETECT study published in “Nature Medicine” are very promising. By analyzing self-determined symptoms and data such as heart rate, sleep, and activity, Covid-19 can better recognize symptoms alone. The hit probability was 80%.

Now that the parameters for detecting corona disease have been identified, the next step is to use this information to detect the early stages of the virus and stop its spread, researchers explain.

We used people who complained of symptoms and tested positive to link data from fitness trackers with real infections.

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Will contact restrictions be reinforced before partial lockout expires?

The’lockdown light’, which has been in force since early November, prohibits eating in restaurants, drinking alcohol in bars, and exercising in fitness facilities. After a logical delay (when evaluating measures to contain a pandemic, you should always consider an incubation period of up to 14 days), which is finally reflected in the figures. The curve of new infections is slowly flattening, but too many people in Germany are still infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, Merkel and the federal state prime minister met for a hypothetical debate renewing the stricter measures.

Tighter contact restrictions-but not quarantined if you have a cold

It is unlikely that the bars, gyms and cinemas will open again in December. As reported by “Tagesschau” Monday morning, above all, private meetings are further regulated and “limited to other fixed households”. This comes from a draft ministerial meeting resolution available at ARD Capital Studios. Therefore, private celebrations are completely forbidden until Christmas. Outside, you can stay with up to 2 people from another family. “Children and teens should be encouraged to meet firm friends only in their spare time.”

If so, it is still unpredictable when a resolution will come out of the discussion. National representatives want to wait for progress next week before voting on further restrictions. The new quarantine rules proposed by Merkel (people with cold symptoms should be quarantined in advance until they are completely subsided) are already off the table. The mandatory mask requirement, which must be applied to teachers and students during the entire class, has also been canceled.

Cell phone data shows possible super spreader locations.

As scientists from the US University of Stanford have revealed, restaurants, gyms, and hotels are said to have the greatest potential to develop into a very widespread area. With the help of computer models, the team was able to look at the anonymized mobile phone movement data of 93 million people and map people’s behavior.

Researchers looked at where people were, how long they were and how many people were with them. This has resulted in about 553 million so-called “points of interest”. The team was able to build a network with 5.4 billion key points in moving data.

Corona-News: Research shows that every 5 patients with Covid 19 develop mental illness

This model shows that a small number of super spreader locations (10%) on the one hand are responsible for a large portion (85%) of the infection, and targeted measures to these locations are more effective than large-scale restrictions, on the other hand, infection due to mobility restrictions.

In addition, the study confirmed that computer models have a higher rate of infection as vulnerable populations cannot be restricted so quickly in terms of mobility. Also, the places they visit are more dangerous because they are more crowded.

However, there are also weaknesses in this model, the researchers admit. It does not take into account the elderly population or children. For example, statements about schools and nursing homes cannot be made this way.

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Corona crisis can make depression worse

New studies show that depressed patients in Germany are more affected by the outcome of corona measures than the general population.

For example, according to the new “German Depression Indicator” published by the German Depression Support Foundation in Leipzig, the blockade in the spring experienced much more stress. Foundation president, psychiatrist Ulrich Hegerl, said that the current partial blockade is also expected.

According to the foundation, over 5 million people in Germany suffer from depression. In the spring, almost every second of these patients experienced treatment restrictions, such as missing a doctor’s appointment or hospitalization. Even now, the clinic has switched resources to treat corona infection. This again comes at the expense of caring for people with mental illness, Hegerl said. “Depression is a serious and often life-threatening disease that requires urgent treatment.”

In the fourth depression barometer in June and July, the Foundation received online questions from about 5000 people aged 18 to 69. In addition, she evaluated and compared values ​​in the samples for people in the depressive stage.

Corona News: Another symptom could indicate corona.

Three-quarters of people with depression are closed

After that, about three-quarters (74%) of people with depression said spring closure was repressive. According to the analysis, the general population was 59%. For example, people in the depressive stage would have suffered almost twice as often from routine lack of structure (75%) and reproduction (89%) than the average person (39% and 41%). In isolation at home, people with depression were much more likely to be in bed during the day (48% vs. 21%). More than a third (43%) said they had conflict and controversy. In the general population, less than a fifth (18%) of those surveyed said this.

Hegerl predicted that “for people with depression, the withdrawal to the four walls will again have many negative effects as a result of this second partial closure.” People with depression have more time to ponder and may immerse themselves in depression. The psychiatrist added, “These are the aspects that are of great interest to me.” Phone and video consultation hours and online programs are only possible alternatives for a small number of patients, even if they accept offers more often than before.

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Is Melatonin Effective Against Corona?

Scientists from the Cleveland Clinic have investigated whether the already approved active substance is effective against SARS-CoV-2. To do this, they used artificial intelligence to analyze patient data for possible correlations. One of the results currently published in the scientific journal “PLOS Biology” is that taking the sleep hormone melatonin reduces the likelihood of corona infection by 30%.

Learn more about this here.

BioNTech vaccine shows more than 90% effectiveness

Mainz biotech company BioNTech is trying to make a breakthrough with a potential corona vaccine. BioNTech and US partner Pfizer released positive efficacy data on Monday in an important study on vaccination. According to this, the risk of developing COVID-19 among vaccinated study participants was more than 90% lower than without the vaccine. BioNTech and Pfizer are the first companies in the world to submit successful data in research with corona vaccines critical for approval.

“This is the first proof that Covid-19 can be prevented with a human vaccine,” said Ugur Sahin, president of Reuters’ BioNTech. “We have reached a “definitive milestone” for Covid-19 control. Both partners this month We plan to apply for emergency vaccine approval in the US at the end, if there is enough data on the expected safety of the vaccine in the third week of November, we should do so soon.

Numerous governments, including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, have pre-obtained millions of doses of the vaccine. The European Commission also ended a search conversation with the duo for up to 300 million cans purchases. BioNTech and Pfizer expect to ship up to 50 million vaccines worldwide this year and up to 1.3 billion vaccines next year.

A preliminary analysis of the study conducted by BioNTech and Pfizer is based on 94 out of a total of 43,538 study participants infected. Companies did not accurately analyze how many patients were vaccinated. However, according to the effectiveness rate, no more than 8 out of 94 disease cases should be recorded in the group with the vaccinated participant, and the rest should be recorded in the control group receiving placebo. To confirm the effectiveness rate, the study will continue until there are a total of 164 Covid-19 cases among participants. Given the recent surge in infection rates in the U.S., those numbers could be hit in early December, said Bill Gruber, one of Pfizer’s leading vaccine researchers.

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SARS-CoV-2 may worsen or cause tinnitus.

Scientists at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK wanted to investigate how the corona epidemic actually affects people with tinnitus. However, they may have noticed another symptom of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Viruses can aggravate existing tinnitus or even cause ringing in the ear.

In a study of 3,103 tinnitus patients in 48 countries (mostly from the UK), 40% of people with corona symptoms reported that tinnitus also worsened. The study only included people who already had ear infections, but seven said tinnitus was triggered only by coronavirus. “This will have to be investigated both clinically and in treatment,” Dr. Eldre Beukes, the lead author of the study.

However, regardless of the disease of Covid-19, the pandemic has been shown to be a burden for tinnitus patients. Many people believe that the rules of the street would have worsened the ringing in the ears overall.

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