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In the rooms of the prestigious Berlin hotel "Das Stue" finely receives Herbert Grönemeyer. A 62 – year – old man smiles a lot in conversation. The melancholy that passes through many of his albums is rarely felt. The time he agreed. The administrator ends the conversation only if the room is notified that the room has not been booked all day.

They once said that their albums reflect their position as human beings. What does her latest news, "Confusion," say about Herbert Grönemeyer in 2018?

I'm worried. We need to find a way to reconfigure ourselves into a society.

In what way?

We face three major problems in Germany. First, how to treat refugees and provide protection. Second, people with backgrounds of migration that have lived in Germany for many years are no longer comfortable. Third, the unification of a country that was never carried out. Subject under the German carpet.

What does it mean to say that unification has never ended?

We have simply introduced a new system for the former East German people. A Western system they do not know. It was thought that it would be enough to send money to the east in an excessive amount and repair the street. Cultural differences between East and West are not so important. Simply put, "Both of us speak German enough.

How do the people in the east differ from those in West Germany?

Older generations were obviously familiar with classified systems. Accepting partly exactly the same has a clearly defined view. After the turn was over, they suddenly entered a world characterized by competition. A hierarchical system in which there is a gap between the rich and the poor and must assert itself. It was a culture shock. People in the east were familiar with communicating and interacting with each other.

«Carpenters work with trees and artists reflect the atmosphere of society. I do not do that. So people say, 'Wow, he' s clever. "No, it's my job."

For example?

In the past, the East Germans always spoke at the same level. There was no "female professor". Even if all the tables next to the restaurant were free, it was a good idea to sit with others. They were accustomed to talking. Westerners say: "Can not you sit down and sit there? I do not want to do it to you right now."

What happened?

From the beginning, politicians say, "You have your story, and we now have to bring the two cultures together." But it never ended. In the West, "We have solved you, we give you money, and now you are thankful." It is not good for marriage. At some point, the bride or groom says: I will not listen anymore. That's terrible. This is precisely reflected now: the Oriental people do not think seriously.

Policy failure?

It is very clear. Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck both grew up in East Germany. They will explain what the Orients think of Westerners. They never did that. During these years, representatives of the Orient were lacking.

In the song "Our Land" in 2014, I wrote on the line of text that "It is as stimulating as black, red-clear bread." Are you happy after the Merkel era?

no. It is not good for the government to shake. In Germany there is a tendency to push everything into politics. The society as a unit also has its own responsibility. Now we can not say this: We do not want this shift to traffic to the streets and to the right. We hope that those who live here feel safe.

What did you think when you saw the pictures of Chemnitz, where the citizens fled with the neo-Nazis?

It was afraid of me. But this expression says, "No one is interested in us, we show it here." I just do not see this evolution just a sign of Angela Merkel's fault. God knows I'm not a fan of Merkel. Social democrats, however, did not worry about people's concerns. They are too firm and too saturated. They knew how the workers who earned 1500 votes a month did. Today is over. Social democracy has lost its passion and accuracy.

Was the SPD too intellectual?

Right side. Today's left-wing advocates or social democrats are annoyed by the concerns of uncomfortable and pleasant people. They told themselves they would take care of the workers. But they have not done that for a long time.

AfD now looks after the workers.

It stimulates fear. Cruel and evil. She fears fear of xenophobia. And those who fear the future think, "They understand our fears." This is a very cheap idiot principle. But AfD does not understand bullying people. She understands that people are afraid.

And now a privileged millionaire, Herbert Grönemeyer, comes and tells the little ones what to think.

This criticism can be partially justified. I do not go to factories and work hard. But I express clearly what many people think about everyday life. Our artists are on the drums. Most of the GDR's upheavals came from artists. Carpenters work with trees and artists reflect the social atmosphere. I do not do that. So people say, "Wow, he's smart." No, it's my job.

Are you looking for conversations with politicians?

No, I think it's wrong. Politicians are only interested in listening and fighting. Culture must be balanced and put at risk. She is not in favor of hitting her shoulder and picking medals. This is also the mission of rock music. It is annoying, stimulating, and blocking things.

They sing in "chaos" – of course – about love. #MeToo Have you changed the way you write love songs in discussions?

#MeToo »It is no exaggeration to say that the controversy remains in the record. But on a particular line, I kept them in mind. In the album, "I make you a ray of life." When I write this, I will make you. Is it still possible? Or is it already exaggerated? But I think you should be careful not to be asked for a minute in terms of playful and masculine. That's ridiculous.

In early 1984, one of the greatest hits, "Men", discussed men's deficits. Text is more appropriate than ever.

When I wrote this I realized that the lyrics were stupid. And today I no longer like playing numbers. But I welcome the controversy that has begun now. I think it is right to criticize women when they use the power of men.

Do you have a shameful song?

"Shame" is a bit difficult. But I wrote a weak song.

For example?

From the album "Chaos", "I do not give anything anymore." Or "friends" in the "Luxus" album. My record has a pretty thin song. You have set a time limit for each album. I say to myself: Until then, the record comes out and ends. One or two songs are far from me.

Is sexual harassment in the music business a problem?

I never knew myself. But the music industry is a definite male domain. This issue seems to stand out as in the film industry where the debate actually began.

When 30,000 people sing in a choir during a live concert, what does it actually do for you?

I am very good. And I am always surprised. It is not what I think before a concert or a new album. "Of course they think I'm great. Anyway I'm the biggest person."

Are you self-conscious before you release your new album?

in music I am not quite strong because it is so fun. It deals with self-doubt. I am not very sure about the lyrics. I keep asking myself: "Did I bring what I wanted? Is it shaking enough? Are you the teacher?" I was not sure.

Did not your self-doubt decrease with age?

They got bigger.

Are you unsure before the concert?

I am already curious about a new trip. "Do they still like me? Do I have something to say? Is I still dynamic?» And if I enthuse and attract people, it gives me great happiness, because it is not self-evident. I go to the hall and wonder why they are full.

It sounds too humble. They seem confident on stage.

Of course, that's what I do on stage, but in the end, I'm already unstable and nervous about my image. I know so in the theater. Even the most skilled actors I know are always suspicious. I fight with affection at every concert, and I am glad when I get it.

How about you after the concert?

It is a slump. At the concert I get a crazy adrenaline rush. I am at a different level of happiness, I feel like drugs. Then where did you come back to the hotel and say, "Where is my adrenaline?" It is not easy to deal with this void after the concert.

So what are you doing?

When the concert is over, you can not sleep. I usually sit in a hotel room and wonder, "What are you doing now?" I'm still going out. But it does not take that long. Every morning I dance to techno music at 7 o'clock in the morning to go to a disco until 6 o'clock. Luckily, I did not have to talk because the music was too loud to sound.

Are you bothered when your audience is recording a concert on your smartphone?

Fortunately, most people sign up and have fun. However, people who record the entire concert on a smartphone are annoying. Pulling your smartphone for some photos is okay. However, if you make a phone call without taking a picture of everything or seeing your face, you will see a friend who is not there. It is always filtered by device. Of course I want to get all the attention for me. (laugh).

They will play in Zurich Hallenstadion in March. When was the last time in Switzerland?

I am often in Switzerland. I have many old friends in Zurich. For a long time I had a relationship with a Swiss girl. I like a sense of humor like a Swiss person.

Humor is not about you for the first time in Switzerland.

You can do a lot about Switzerland. You have almost no English tranquility with no Germans. Our Germans already have humor, but like Switzerland, they do not have irony. I am also always adorable with Swiss friends.

What does that mean?

Once in Morocco and drove the Atlas Mountains. So I asked the driver if he preferred driving Austrian, German or Swiss. He said: Switzerland. The Swiss charm was that they would meet and the next day would be the same as the day before. They are also very good if he drives Germany but will start again the next day. It will take another hour to return to a friendly level. This is also my experience in Switzerland. So they do it again the next morning as before dinner.

Bob Dylan is 77 years old and still plays live. Can you imagine?

Yes, of course. When Bob Dylan comes to the stage, it is not always possible to see joy. I saw his three very different concerts. Of course, I think about how you can age dignifiedly on stage. But even if you are older, you are not in a position to play another evening. I hope to stand on the stage of 90 years old. If someone comes, I do not know.

* This article was posted on SonntagsZeitung on November 11, 2018.

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