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"GNTM" winner Barbara Meier is planning an eco-wedding – Schweizer Illustrierte

Barbara Meier marries her old friend Klemens Hallmann this summer. Now, the previous "GNTM" winners show where the wedding is coming from, what is on the table, and how you want to preserve the environment despite the festival.

An attractive couple's wedding wants to be well planned. This model was spoken by Barbara Meier (32) and she simply appointed a wedding planner during her big day. In an interview with "Gala" she said she and her fiance Clemens Holman (43) arrived.

"We want as environmentally friendly marriage as possible," says Meier. Earlier "GNTM" winners also found specific ways to achieve big goals. "I banished all straws for cocktails, and my wedding should not have plastic," Meier says. To protect the environment, she ensures that bridesmaid dresses are constantly ecologically produced.

A wedding party takes place in Venice.

The climate is getting hot, but she is having a wedding together. Because the festival is held in Venice Italy as Meier reveals. As a result, not only Meier's Bavaria but also all the guests from all over Austria, home to Hallmann, must board. Overall, Meier and Hallmann are waiting for friends and family "from 12 countries".

Apart from the ecological aspect, the beautiful red hair mainly deals with wedding dresses. As a model, she has worn many wedding dresses – so she knows the fabrics and cuts. But when you find your own wedding dress, it suddenly becomes very difficult. "I should not only want it to be special, but also have a special feeling – I am not one of many clothes to wear professionally." So she wears clothes made by designers for big things. "It's getting faded."

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As for the ceremony, two had a claim, they first passed to the wedding planner. «The fact that there will be a Catholic wedding was the most important thing for me. Luckily, Klemens thinks the same way. »

The vegetarian prepares the meat for the guests.

As for food, Meier, who mainly eats vegetarian food, has set up a wedding planner guardrail. "We will provide meat alternatives to people and since we are in Italy, I want to be a pasta for the dish." The wedding should have an Italian touch.

There will be no drinking games at their wedding, and the model clearly explains. This is a dance. For them and Clemens this program will be the premiere: "Clemens and I never danced together publicly, we actually said the first dance was for marriage, it would be a waltz."

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