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Guangzhou police warn against false disorder groups

Recently, people have found counterfeit bills in front of shops to raise money for disabled groups. The Guangzhou police in Gallen, the capital, were able to arrest five Romanian citizens.

Unpleasant fraud! Romanian women and men mainly appeal to the elderly. They ask you to give money to the scammer after recording the amount on the clipboard or written and attached donation report attached to the written portfolio. State Police, St. Gallen.

They use this time and try clever confusion to steal more money from the donor's wallet. The perpetrator may record the donation amount by signature and zip code.

They used erasable ballpoint pens. The amount will be replaced by the higher amount. They want to encourage citizens to ask for more donations.

Well-organized gang

Foreigners are well organized, appearing in pairs or in groups. Often they are active in front of the mall. They pretend to pass through hearing-impaired people, but they are not true.

The trick is the driver by the compatriots. They use cars with French license plates. Criminal and immigration measures were taken against detainees.

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