Sunday , November 29 2020

In Bahrain, the Boeing 747 intentionally sunk into the sea.

In Bahrain, a large underwater park is under construction. The main attraction is the unused Boeing 747 in the Persian Gulf.

Politicians, businesses and consumers around the world are concerned about rising pollution of the oceans. In Bahrain, Border 747 has sunk in the Persian Gulf. on purpose. This is reported by various media.

Jumbo is the attraction of a new underwater park on the coast and attracting divers from around the world. In summer, tourists must be able to explore a 70 meter shipwreck in the water. Artificial coral reefs are also planned. The underwater park will cover an area of ​​100,000 square meters.

Expanding critical parts

But the initiative reassures environmentalists who protest. The fact that the Boeing 747 is at sea is completely harmless to the environment. All critical parts such as motors, cables or insulation are removed. In addition, jumbo must be cleaned with special biodegradable medicines.

This is not the first time an airplane has intentionally sunk. For 13 years on the Canadian coast, the Boeing 737 is popular with divers. (Pfu)

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