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Job posting indicates continued.


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In early March 2017, Nintendo announced the legend of Zelda: Wild in the last few years, one of the best games. Looking back on the successful history of the franchise, there is no doubt that we can expect successors in the future. When exactly the next Zelda appears, it is still on the star. However, the two new vacancies announced on Nintendo already offer negotiations.

The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild (Buy now 61.59 €) I think many people are the best Zelia so far. The Open World adventure swept the classic Time of Ocarina of Time on the throne of 3D Zeldas and has sold over 1,258,000 in Japan to date. So we can expect Nintendo to use the latest success of the series appropriately in the future. Two job postings indicate that work is in progress on the new Zelda project.

Zelda is looking for you.

According to the first ad, Nintendo is looking for 3DCG designers who are familiar with the terrain design of the game world. In addition to Maya and Adobe Photoshop technologies, you need experience in real-world gaming.

The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild Expansion Path

But the second call is looking for a level designer. The mission includes conceptual design of events, dungeons, and enemies. Anyone who wants support should be fluent in Japanese.

New Zelda?

Of course, you can conclude that Nintendo is already a successor to Breath of the Wild or is planning at least one. Of course, it is not explicitly stated that the developer wants to make the next part. Another DLC: Wild of Breath for Zelda's legend is also possible. Fans will be satisfied with both.

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