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Men for Chaos: Horst Lichter in Nadine Lindenmeier


Cologne –

Nadine Lindenmeier (31) traveled from Bavaria to Cologne and removed her two gems from "Bares for Rares".

She uses the two rings of 1914 that she inherited from her mother – in – law.

Nadine is completely wrong with her estimates.

Nadine does not want to keep the ring. She said, "You are not my taste now, I like more gold."

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This ring is worth it.

Nadine does not know the value of the ring at all. She is expecting 400 euros.

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But the joker Horst Lichter tries to upset her. "400 euros are becoming increasingly rare, these are old rings, and they should not be forgotten." Whether they are really valuable, "the mediator makes jokes.

The podiatrist is definitely not safe.

But experts can reassure Nadine. "Horst appeals to hatred, but we still want to say that we are at zero.

Nadine was pretty embraced. But she now expects more expertise. This has increased tenfold.

Experts estimate the value of the two rings from 3800 to 4200 euros.

Nadine takes great expectations in the dealer's room. "Of course we want the best professional prices to be achieved," she says.

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Nadine disillusionment in dealer room …

Disillusionment in the dealer room

However, only dealer Elke Velten Tönnies is interested in the ring. Ultimately, Nadine will raise the dealer to 2500 euros. This is not a professional quote, but Nadine is still satisfied.

"At 2500 euros, of course, I do something with her mother by law, because I got her from her," she says happily.

We welcome art treasures and lovers!

"Bares for Rares" will be broadcast on ZDF from 2013. Mediator Horst Lichter is a host of junk shows that present antiques, rare items and curiosities and ideally take home a great amount of money through sale.

This program, which was produced in Cologne since 2013, was broadcast on ZDF's afternoon program and became an actual quota guarantor. From Monday to Friday, an average of 3 million TV viewers are involved in negotiations and actions.

This is how the "Bares for Rares" program expires.

Candidates identify the item along with the sales target, talk about the story, and then send it to a specialist who can estimate the price range with the sale. If this amount is close to the participant's expected price, you will receive a merchant card from the operator Lichter. Tickets for rooms with antique dealers.

Before, there are candidates and subjects. Like an auction, five dealers try to keep the exhibition safe. This can cause unexpected totals. So it is up to the supplier whether he accepts the acceptance of the merchant or still wants to haggle. When the highest bidder receives the bid, he pays the sum to the seller in cash.

Top bids so far

In addition to the classic edition, many special editions have already been produced. So there were celebrities already, and it was run under the name ZDF's prime time show "Germany's biggest junk show".

In addition, the highest bid so far was € 35,000, and in 2014 the Borgward Isabella Cabriolet changed hands.


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