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New subscription and Europe: Salcom attack during roaming


Two weeks ago, Swisscom applied certain rates to Switzerland and Europe. Salt now offers more and counters with new subscriptions that are cheap.

The price turnover of mobile communications is changing again. Nearly every subscription includes a fixed rate in Switzerland, so now the roaming theme has changed. Swisscom announced a new subscription two weeks ago. Roaming in Europe is included in 80 francs per month, but you can only send up to 40 GB of data per month, and then the speed drops to 128 kbit / s.

Now Salt is catching up on the new Plus Europe pricing and overtaking the market leader. Not only does it have a Swiss reputation, but also data roaming, telephones and text messages in Europe, Canada and the United States. And it's no limit. At Swisscom, the option cost of the US is 70 Swiss francs per month.

Subscriptions are interesting for people who travel regularly in this country. But for everyone with friends and acquaintances. Because you can send unlimited calls or SMS and MMS from Switzerland to the US, Canada or Europe at monthly prices

Salt subscription is cheaper than Swisscom 's suggestion and costs 70 francs per month without a minimum contract period. If you sign the contract in the near future, at least.

This is only useful if you have a contract during the promotional period.

Affordable prices are limited, and then you can join 90 francs a month. This means that you will have access to the action steps as they are inexpensive during the subscription period.

However, new customers can conclude Plus Europe pricing plans as well as existing customers who have renewed their previous subscriptions. The roaming flat rate is currently available.

Important: As with Swisscom's InOne Mobile subscription, the new Salt offer is an inexpensive solution when you actually travel overseas and use data services there. There is a plain for Switzerland of between 30 and 50 francs a month and there are still hundreds of francs for roaming before the expensive monthly subscription is worth it.

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