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Purism Librem 5: Linux smartphones use three special switches.

Purism wants to meet your privacy needs. The manufacturer announced that it will develop Librem 5, a free Linux smartphone, with three hardware switches. This allows you to turn WLAN and Bluetooth, cameras and microphones, as well as cell phone features, on and off. When all three functions are turned off, special lock mode is activated. This can cause offline navigation problems.

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Modern smartphone design does not require more than three switches – the conclusion of pureness. The company therefore added two functions to the two switches. The switch turns the camera and microphone on and off. Someone deactivates the camera and turns off the microphone. However, because a microphone is required when making calls, Librem-5 owners should basically be accustomed to switching camera / microphone switches for phone calls when both are switched off.

The second switch replaces the control of WLAN and Bluetooth. This will switch both functions. Therefore, you can not use the switch to use Bluetooth on your headset and not to enable WLAN. Conversely, if Bluetooth is not enabled, it also applies to WLAN use. WLAN and Bluetooth can be controlled separately via software switches like any other smartphone.

When all three switches are off, the lock mode is activated

Purism identifies the primary purpose of a Wi-Fi Bluetooth switch for users who turn off both functions to prevent external attacks and unwanted localization on their smartphones. A single-function switch is a switch that turns off the mobile device on your smartphone. In other words, to prevent unwanted positions.

If all three functions are disabled by the switch, your smartphone will be in lock mode with all other sensors turned off. This not only finds functions via GPS, but also affects nearby and proximity sensors. In this operating mode, offline browsing via smartphone is also impossible. This mode prevents software or software from turning on for security reasons.

Offline navigation is also locked

At least one optional switch must be enabled for your smartphone to be available for at least offline browsing. So if you want to avoid positioning through your phone's mast or Wi-Fi network, and you do not want to use these features through the switch, you can just go offline and browse the camera and microphone. The GPS function can then be activated via the software function.

Smartphone Librem 5 is still under development and is expected to emerge in the third quarter of 2019. Some hardware recently changed, and in early March 2013, Purish announced that it was using Pure OS and integrated OS. In other words, the same application or system will no longer run on librem laptops and librem 5 without limit. The surface adapts to various form factors.

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