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Rammstein singer Till Lindemann broke his jaw fan


Until Lindemann has a fan in a rugged manner and attitude at his place. This is said to have previously insulted Rammstein's accompanist.

German band Rammstein is said to be a bit rough at the concert. But by the stage, rockers are definitely getting a reputation. As the German Bild newspaper wrote, Till Lindemann (56) had to speak with a fist before the concert.

Lindemann had a beer at a hotel bar in Munich with a friend and friend named Lana from Friday to Saturday at night. The frontman of the rock band was interrupted by an unknown fan who wanted a self. But according to eyewitnesses, Lindemann refused.

Escalation at the hotel bar

Later, the guest Lindemann's companion was missing for Lana. She said to a German tabloid newspaper: "He told me in English," I will pay you twice as much money. "I wanted to pour alcohol directly on his face, but until he asked, he asked me if he was looking at me.

An escalation took place between the two, as the acquaintance describes it in more detail: "The man grabbed his fist and talked until he came out of the door. Then everything was very fast. Until his elbow is stabbed in his face. "

The police went out.

When the customer went down, the hotel staff finally called the police. "He fasted, but he did not look any better," I said. Doubtless, he says his chin is broken.

At the request of «image», the police confirmed that there was an incident. "We submitted an assault ad. The suspect is a 56 – year – old Berlin citizen and the wounded party is a 54 – year – old hamburger, a police spokesman said. Until Lindemann does not want to comment. (BNR)

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