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Rapper Farid Bang can no longer travel to Ibiza with Eurobings.


After Farrow Bang did not leave the ship, he suddenly flew to Ibiza in private jet.

Last weekend rapper Farid Bang (33) wanted to fly to Eurowings from Düsseldorf (D) to Ibiza. But he was not allowed. The airline Eurowings did not let him board two minutes later when he arrived late at the already closed gate. I have nothing left to do.

The musician had to keep moving down. On Facebook, he pushed his rage and posted a furious Facebook post. It described Eurowings as "Germany's worst airline". He does not even call and thinks it happened consciously. This is because the machine is overbooked. "As it turned out, the machine was overbooked and instead of acknowledging the mistake and presenting alternatives, we tried to push the bumper in. Besides, the plane was delayed because we had to pick our bags so we could have saved the passengers is.

Farid flew to Ibiza on a private plane.

But I was more brazen to the rapper. There is no bag! A spokesman for Eurowings mentioned the Bang's claim at Hamburger Morgenpost: "We are very sorry that rapper Farid Bang was unable to complete the EW 546 flight as scheduled on Ibiza last Sunday in Cologne, <문 닫힘> We arrived at the gate only two minutes later. The time the gate closes is displayed on your boarding pass. "And it will continue:" Especially when the missed slot in the high traffic route to Spain is applied, which means a delay of several hours which can be avoided for the benefit of all passengers. No loss reports on this case were received.

On social media users have fun with lost baggage under the hashtag #freefaridskoffer (German: Freid Farid's bag).

By the way – Farid made it to Ibiza. He flew to a private jet on Balearic Island. In Instagram he wrote a video: «Can I fly to a private jet or can I buy the euro?» (Paf)

Update: 14:20 – Farid Bang's case appears as Instagram's story shows. In his next music video, baggage must play an important role.

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