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Soccer: Turning Point or Event Turn: The FCB must fire to BVB Hunter.


One point? Four points? Or even 7? At the league summit, the fresh and energetic Favre-BVB was able to start a series of events in the Bundesliga. The Munich Generation Series champion rejects and threatens its status as a step-by-step model. Classics are "completely different".

pressure? 7 points Fear of the deficit? Because of. Nicole Kovac has smiled several times before the most important match as coach of Bayern.

He wants to "enjoy" Borussia Dortmund, championing leader "enjoy" his first German footballer Clásico on Saturday night (18.30 clock) at the age of 47. Anyway, the electricity goes through Germany. On November 10, 2018, turnaround may accelerate in the Bundesliga.

The tournament will be a turning point for the season for the obsolete ensemble in Nuremberg, Munich. The young and energetic BVB ensemble, led by the commune owl Lucianfabré (61), is preparing to end the Bavarian long-standing advantage of the Bundesliga. Kovac summarized the opportunity and the danger in a sentence, with 90 minutes of emotional approval. "There will be a lot of 7 points and one less."

Maintaining a four-point status with a draw is the minimum goal for both teams. "We can not lose it under any circumstances," Bavarian captain Manuel Neuer said. Nevertheless, he is not afraid of defeat and does not fall into the game. Favres Dortmunder does not have to be a scary med game. "It is a coach's plan to defend and attack wisely." The coach does not care about the final split: "Bayern remains in Bayern! We have to do our best, from defense to attack, they have a lot of experience."

Routines – especially the big game – Almost all Bavarian experts are getting a lot of BVB young stars. Neuer, Lewandowski, Boateng, Ribéry and Co. are also Kovac in their special motivation. "I know Bayern very well, and I am sure we stand as our human being," he said.

Robert Lewandowski, who scored 10 wins in eight games since 2014, is "a classic, totally different game." Munich's stars are reminiscent of team spirit. "We have to get a hundred percent regardless of defense and offense, and it all has to work together as a team."

Uli Hoeneß also changed quickly after returning the slogan "outsiders" to attack mode: "Dortmund is amazingly amazing, but not as good as we could be," he told Dresden. "If Dortmund climbs to the summit I am the first person to celebrate, but before that happens we will unravel it." Hoeneß believes that "we will not lose".

Despite the fact that Kovac was wrong in Bayern's sold-out BVB stadium, the president has his own priorities for Kovac. "I feel absolute confidence in the club," Kovac replied. Success in big game with tactical proficiency will still be useful. BVB Hunter Kovac "We will strengthen the football game. Whether Arjen Robben (knee) can be there was uncertain before the final training.

Lower stacking in Bavaria in role allocation helps maintain transparent maneuverability in Dortmund. "Bayern has earned 10 points in the Champions League and is definitely a German champion for the past 6 years – this is the case," Michael Jock refuted. The sports director also has some headlines, and the duel will be the title fight. "We have been successful in winning Bayern Munich in the past few years, but the final result is over 34 tracks."

However, for the first time since April 11, 2012, BVB kept leading the league match against the record champion. That's why Hans-Joachim Watzke puts great pressure on the Munich side. BVB's boss said, "The situation in the table and the Bavarian claim make it clear that there is something we can do." BVB president, "Soccer Germany is happy to play again with a slightly different constellation," he said.

Borussia is now more innovative than the industry leader in many ways. Thanks to careful personnel decisions, district clubs were able to return to an equal level. The BVB squad has outstanding talents such as Jadon Sancho (18), Christian Pulisic (20) or Jakob Bruun Larsen (20). The game looks clearly structured. Your team's hierarchy seems to be more prominent than your opponent. In Marco Reus and Axel Witsel, Dortmund has a true leader. Zorc proudly said: "We have done the right thing in the summer.

The Bavarian people were seldom impressed. "There is a dynamic team in Dortmund, BVB now has many strengths and weaknesses," Kovac said. And they should search by "magnifying glass": "We are the ones who must hunt them now."

It's different from last Saturday too much. "I know we are being hunted now," confirmed goalkeeper Roman Bürki. "We'll get 3 points in the house and try everything to stay on top." The latter is already fixed before the kickoff.

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