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Super League: Is YB bigger than FCB?

YB played in the Champions League this season. YB can be the champion with the lead. Is YB already larger than FCB?

Who thought that three or four years ago? Notorious losers from the capital have surpassed Seri Serie Basser Basel in a very short time. They scored the first of 32 points and scored 15 points. They get the first place in the Champions League while Basel is defeated by Apollo Limassol in the Europa League. Is this a change in the total guards of Swiss football?

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FCB is Croesus of the League and still remains! Millions of people are moving away from international business. However, with sales of players in Akanji, Elyounoussi, Vaclik and Lang, sales for fiscal year 2018 are still expected to be between 80 and 90 million francs, and Bernese is also financially damaging. Cumulative revenues are expected to increase from 7,000 to 75 million francs thanks to the Champions League with 30 million francs. Stade de Suisse's YB example has been accumulated because of all the stadium activities of the owner and the parent company. However, the numbers are estimated. YB stocks are owned exclusively by the Rih family, so YB does not need to post any numbers. And he is not. If YB sells expensive items and sells more expensive items, and passes the top class again, Bernese will replace FCB with the club with the most revenue.

Squad value

Who raises the market value by playing the Champions League! The total amount of Sow, Mbabu, Assalé and Co. has increased sharply this season, and Young Boys has been able to pay a transfer fee of up to 40 million francs in the summer. FCB sports director Marco Streller has only dreams. After the embarrassment of the Europa League qualification against Limassol and the weakness of the preliminary round, the market value of the players did not rise. The only exception: gem Noah Okapo (18). Basler was able to solve a huge sum in the summer. By the way: Transfermarkt estimates the YB squad for 69 million francs and the Bebbi squad for 50 million.


The FCB sold 467 tickets for the 2019 season. Twelve years ago. But still more than Bernese. YB is available to 18630 ​​subscribers. This is absolutely the best for YB. An average of 25001 players participated in Basler's home games. 24423.Red Blue per game for Berne is at the forefront, but there are many suggestions that YB will catch up with FCB this season. While it is all about keeping the second seat in Basel, the main character of the capital increases noticeably. The next game of Stade de Suisse is likely to be sold out. And this is despite the fact that SC Bern runs next door and Bern is next to football and ice hockey cities.

UEFA Ranking

This season, YB's 8.5-point Champions League qualification gave Swiss Lions a very modest Helvetian ranking. FCZ before. Basler's contributions were deeper than ever. 3 points … But in the last five years FCB is in the midst of the 29th European football match ahead of CSKA Moscow, Sporting Lisbon or Fiorentina. However, YB was much behind the FCB (in collaboration with BATE Borisov and Astana). Basel ranked 26th above Dynamo Kiev, Leverkusen or Roma. YB is number 63.

International Charismatic

Of course, now YB is ahead of Basel. "But FC Basel still has a great international appeal," said Marc Reif's commentator at Teleclub. "He is also internationally charismatic." FCB is recognized as the club with the greatest opportunities in Germany. It is also a club that plays in bigger leagues like the Bundesliga. "But Reif is already well on YB.

Brand Identity Jung von Matt's brand expert Thomas Deigendesch is convinced by FC Basel: "There is an objective criterion of how this is measured," said Manchester United, who has topped Real Madrid and Barcelona and is ahead of Young Boys, which includes international recognition, economic potential, market position and history. FC Basel is much more likely to generate advertising revenue, so even if YB currently has a big consensus, this snapshot is about branding. "

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