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The end of AIDS


The United Nations AIDS Plan (UNAIDS) aims to create a world without AIDS by 2030. Berlin is now starting a unique project nationwide. But the biggest challenge is still the subject of discrimination.

Today, more than half of all positive factors around the world provide life-saving HIV therapies, and the AIDS deaths have fallen by almost half between 2005 and 2016. However, health politicians and activists do not want to settle for this success.

Berlin Mayor Michael Muller (SPD) declared a key part of the Fast Track City project in 2016. This is Germany's only city. Switzerland is also associated with Geneva. Globally, this plan includes 97 cities. Havana is as much as Delhi, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

Goal: Zero discrimination
"Our common goal is 90-90-90-0: 90% of HIV infected people should be aware of the infection, 90% are being treated, and 90% are infected with the virus," said Dilek Kolat, "He said. The goal of the Global Initiative last year. Finally, zero means goals that end discrimination and stigma.

The measure for this method is Checkpoint BLN, the nation's only model project. This checkpoint BLN will initially start next week, even if it is small. Beginning Wednesday, PrEP will distribute its food to those who can not afford it. First, they are on a waiting list and about 60 people are calling for this issue. Initially, they have PrEP for three months after receiving a prophylactic and new HIV test for one month. You can also check for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Doctors and social workers are at the scene.

AIDS prevention
Nicholas Feustel (Photo by Nils Peter)

Beginning March 2019, checkpoint operations must actually begin. Objective: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. They are all under one roof. It mainly targets men (MSM) and men who have sex with transsexuals. Low standard amounts are available daily for 30 hours per week. You can get advice and medical help from HIV specialists, receive HIV testing, and get hepatitis vaccination.

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Checkpoints operate with Schwulenberatung Berlin and HIV doctors living in Berlin AIDS Aid. The facility will support a total of 2.15 million euros this year and thereafter for the Senate's health, nursing and equality opportunities under the Fast Track Cities Initiative. Overall, approximately 9.4 million euros will be provided to the Health for Health in 2018/19 for the area of ​​HIV / AIDS activities.

Nicolas Feustel, an HIV activist and filmmaker, welcomes the establishment of Checkpoint because it expands on the test proposal in Germany and the medical support for PrEP. However: "We need two more urgently," he says. "But I think most people are passing through the door, and these people can usually be solved by offering this kind of" walk-in "test.

We want to do more to prevent HIV as well as prevent the health of the infected person!

Achieving the 90-90-90-0 goal by 2020 is a worldwide sport goal, says Feustel. "Despite 90-90-90, about 27% of HIV-infected people who do not receive successful treatment still remain, so we need to set a much higher target for Germany. For the health and prevention of people living with HIV, I want to achieve more in less time! "

HIV-infected persons are still stored in the German police database and HIV-positive responders can not work for the police

But the big goal of ending AIDS also means there is no discrimination against HIV-infected people, Carsten Schatz said (left). The first member of the HIV test in the House of Representatives in Berlin is still seeing a lot of work.

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As long as HIV-positive people can not work for the police, the criminalization of HIV transmission is still a reality, or as long as HIV-infected people are stored in the German police database (ANST), we are still far away. "

As summer reported in VelsPol, senior police officers from federal and state police agreed to a meeting to ensure that HIV-infected people are not hired below the detection limit.

A detailed article appeared in the November issue of the team. Subscription (Germany) – Click here to view (Switzerland) here.


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