Sunday , May 16 2021

The Macedonians stabbed a teenager in a nursery in Zurich.

In November 2016, youth in Zurich (14 years old) were attacked with a knife. The killer Arda B * stabbed him 15 times. She did not even know the boy. Today she and her accomplice were in court.

Arda B. * (35) was very angry with his father-in-law. "He was my enemy," she told a Zurich court yesterday. "I had a violent illusion to him.": The father-in-law's father-in-law interfered with his marriage and was responsible for his husband's fight.

Thus, the Macedonians attacked his father-in-law in his apartment in Brahmsstrasse, District 3 of Zurich in November 2016. She is assisted by her younger brother, Blerim F. * (32). She simply comes to Zurich and acts because she pays extra tickets.

The father-in-law was not there and hatched a new plan.

Together they buy balaclavas and gloves. They then take two utensils and a kitchen knife to frighten the craftsman's apartment.

"Why do you need a knife to scare someone?" The judge wants to know. Arda B. said to her brother for the first time: "He said he should take the sword with me." And twice: "You do it in Macedonia." But your father-in-law is not at home. So this duo changes the plan: to do something to the neighbors – to blame the unwanted father-in-law!

The victims are still suffering today.

Arda B. continues to blame her brother for her knife attacks. "He wanted to go to his neighbor's apartment to see who had seen us and see who did not call the police." It's not clear what happened then. In court, Arda B. is involved in contradiction.

Fact: Arda B. writes a total of 15 times for Joel A. * (the next 14) at the neighbor's father-in-law's home. The boy suffered a fatal wound in his lung, but miraculously survived and had serious consequences. Until now, he has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and he must be afraid of his entire life that he can not sleep alone, and air builds up in his chest and he may die.

«I could not control myself anymore»

But in the process, only Arda B. cried. While the victim speaks quietly. "I felt a knife stuck in my hand, and the boy looked at me with the eye, and at that moment I could no longer control myself, it was getting dark." Her brother watched everything. She blamed him, "Why did not you stop me?"

In fact, the prosecution sees a particularly ruthless approach and seeks the Macedonians on charges of murder for 20 years. In the case of a brother, she demands a six-year prison sentence. Arda B. considers justification for eight years, as the Department of Defense upholds serious assaults or attempts to kill. My brother has to leave for four months. The verdict will be tomorrow.

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