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The road is closed for several days: rock chin near Samnaun GR

A huge rock hit the streets between the Trinity and Martina. The route was closed for several days, and the canton police reported.

Postbus driver Mario Heis was on his way from Samnaun to Martina on his bus when there was nothing suddenly on the narrow gorge road. "Suddenly a few people in front of me were silent, and then I realized that the giant boulder blocked the track."

For PostBus and other vehicles, there is no pass. "For 25 years as a bus driver, I never experienced a big climb," Heis said.

No casualties were reported.

Since then the affected part of the Engadinerstrasse is called from the website of the civil engineering office and is closed for safety reasons. The road is likely to be closed for several days because it was called upon request by the state authorities Graubünden. The path to Martina is good. If you want to drive in the direction of Vinadi and Austria, you have to make a detour through Nauders.

Engadinerstrasse was leaked about 20 meters away near the Austrian border, daily police spokesman Keystone-SDA said. The police did not know about the injury. (Cat / SDA)

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