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Thomas Seitel's father Günter talks about Helene Fischer.

Helene Fischer wanted to enjoy the happiness of love peacefully with Thomas. But now he is talking about his son's relationship with his father Seitel.

They enjoy good luck in the limelight: Helene Fischer (34) and her friend Thomas Seitel (34) create romantic holidays abroad. First, the singer and the aerobatic team spent a week ski vacation in South Tyrol. After that, she was led to warmth by "Gala". The couple explored South Africa. However, a holiday photo of Instagram is in vain for the Queen of Schlager. Fisher protects her privacy.

Helen comes in secret.

Then Thomas Seitel's father, Günter, is causing trouble. Instead of following the wishes of his daughters-in-law, Darmstädter Echo enjoys talking about his son's relationship. Thomas Seitel is no longer found in his home town Eppertshausen (D). And if so, nobody hears it. If Thomas wants to take his lover to a family visit, maybe it's "foggy at night," says Seitel's father.

Günter Seitel dislikes fans as he talks about Helene Fischerr. "If his father goes on like this, Thomas will soon be with Helen for the longest time, which is not as important as his private life."

Günter Seitel

Seitel's father was not the first to talk about Fischer. As soon as her old friend Florian Silbereisen (age 37) broke up, he confirmed to his "Darmstadt Echo" that his son was "definitely" with the singer.

Fans suspect Seitel "wants to pay attention". Is it because you like to be in the spotlight? Gunter Seitel performs regularly at local theaters in Eppertsheim. (PAF)

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