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Underground Berlin: Stadler to build BVG's new train for Berlin-Berlin – breaking news


Billions of orders: Stadler for building a new subway for Berlin

The Berlin subway should be modernized with 1,500 new cars. A company in Pankow can rely on billions of orders from BVG.

The new subway line IK train while BVG workshop educational trip on Grunewald's test track.

The new subway line IK train while BVG workshop educational trip on Grunewald's test track.

Picture : Maurizio Gambarini

Berlin. Stadler Pankow GmbH may want the largest order in history. According to Berner Morgenpost, the Berlin branch of the Swiss Railway AG has a maximum of 1,500 subway cars Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) You can build. The new train will be delivered from 2021, and until 2033 it will be modernized into a failed vehicle park because it is the perfect old-fashioned Berlin subway. The decision BVGAs reported, the Supervisory Board has already hit two weeks ago. The bidding process has been postponed several times before.

The opposition movement continues until Monday.

BVGThe spokesman did not want to mention specific contracts for legal reasons. This is because not only failed bidders by Monday, but also other parties have the opportunity to challenge the results of the auctions across Europe. The € 3 billion order, considered the largest in BVG's 90-year history, was also used by French automobile manufacturers Alstom, Siemens and the Bombardier consortium.

According to this paper, there are already complaints against the prize, which will have a stopping effect. "Tagesspiegel" wanted the Siemens Group to confirm that the BVG Supervisory Board had legally awarded the subway contract two weeks ago. Siemens' transport division applied for a consortium with Bombardier Transportation, a German-Canadian rail car manufacturer, to order multi-billion-dollar transportation companies.

Officially, no one wanted to comment on Friday.

But even this constellation was able to complain about the contract award in cooperation with Bombardier, not Siemens alone. Such intentions do not exist as we learned in company circles on Friday. The consortium is legally in a desperate position. In any case, it formulated a restrictive condition on the bidder's proposal which resulted in the disqualification of the bid.

The background is BVG's broad assurance and assurance claims, which would have created an economic risk that the company could not compute. Officially, BVG did not want to comment on Friday, mentioning the ongoing process of one of the companies involved.

In early 2021 we will go to prototype of new subway.

BVG's timetable states that by 2021 the prototype for the next underground power generation will be on the track. First, 24 vehicles provide space for a wider vehicle with 12 larger tunnel profiles for so-called small profile networks (U1 to U4 lines) and 12 for U5 to U9 lines. In the following year, 138 vehicles arrive in Berlin each year. This schedule is considered very ambitious because the special builders required for the unique technology system of the Berlin subway require at least 48 months.

However, Stadler Pankow is already producing the IK series of the Berlin subway compared to its competitors. This year there are eight more cars and fourteen trains each consist of four cars. This should not come from Siemens. The group has already filed a lawsuit with BVG a year ago. This is because the state-owned transport company increased the number of other 80 cars in September 2017 without constantly supplying them to Stadler. Siemens and BVG have finally reached an agreement in court, and Stadler is now able to supply four IK Series 14 units from next year.

Stadler is also building the next S-Bahn generation.

Along with Siemens, Stadler is currently building the S-Bahn generation of Berlin. New trains are already being tested and should be used from 2021 on scheduled services.

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