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Wrong start for disappointed Vettel – Bottas victory before Hamilton

Updated on March 17, 2019, 07:56

He started with high expectations in Melbourne, but the Australian Grand Prix disappointed Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari. The excellent Valtteri Bottas wins.

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Sebastian Vettel saw an unpleasant start in the next Formula 1 title hunt. Mercedes has made two successes with surprise champion Valtteri Bottas and world champion Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari drivers rallied to fourth place in Sunday's Melbourne.

Max Verstappen, a Dutch Red Bull driver, is the third fastest in Albert Park, Hesse, who won Australia in the last two years. "A good job, Bravo," triggered Box Bottas in the car.

After the first victory since 476, Finland led the championship. For the fastest horse racing lap that is rewarded for the first time since 1959, he still has additional points. Hamilton, a 29-year-old British title holder and teammate, finished second in the 20-second Sunday and was amazed at the Australian Grand Prix.

Vettel and 1 minute back

But the biggest disappointment was Vettel and made the final in almost a minute after Bottas. "Why is it so slow?" He asked the crew several times before it was over. The box was helpless. "We do not know that moment." At the end of his mission to finally win the title in Ferrari in the fifth attempt, the red camp felt disillusioned.

Italiano's new teammate Daniel Ricciardo had to leave the front wing in the opening game and finish the home game early after the car had a problem.

In the first big duel of the claimed title, the rivals were in the first race of 21 games of the season. The start of Hamilton in the imaginary costume, which hit 84th on Saturday, was ineffective. The wheel turned. The 34-year-old British could not accelerate Silver Arrow to the teammate Bottas. Finn moved in a few meters, but he should have already done well. Last season Bottas has not won in the race and must deliver this year.

Bottas also drives Hamilton away.

"We are very happy about your speed," Bottas spurred a few times. He has steadily expanded his leadership over Hamilton. Initially, there was not much change in bright sunshine and summer temperatures, but it affected the tire's durability.

Vettel initially took third place with an infinite distance in Hamilton to defend himself in the first attack by a new teammate, Charles Leclerc. Vettel argued that the 21-year-old Monegasse had no choice but to go through the grass easily. Leclerc then took third place in Vettel and Verstappen, as in the grid.

"The strongest Valtteri we have experienced"

So Ferrari had to try differently: As the first candidate for victory candidates, Germany came to change the tire into a pit. But Mercedes responded quickly and brought Hamilton to give the car new tires.

Bottas stayed outside. But even drove into old rubber between the fastest race wheels. "I look forward to the strongest Valtteri we have experienced this year," team coach Toto Wolff stressed before the game. Like it would prove, Bottas also made the fastest race race with new tires.

Hamilton disagrees with the tires.

Vettel could not press Hamilton after replacing the tires and had to catch Verstappen instead of the 31st knee. Defending champions who fought competition in pole fights continued to fight with tires. Both fought more with themselves, cars and other competitors than with each other.

Just as it was not enough, Vettel had to let new teammates pass helplessly for almost 10 years. The 21-year-old is back a little till a tenth of a minute, but has already hinted. He will not prepare a light season for Vettel. (Hub / DPA)

Formula One is expected to be as exciting this year as it has been for a long time. Ferrari and Mercedes are favorites in the World Cup, but Red Bull driver Max Verstappen also wants the World Cup. We'll let you know which teams and drivers will start in 2019.

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