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Microsoft’s XBOX supply chain is out of stock.-News-Business Times


Microsoft’s new XBOX console is out of stock. Microsoft CFO Tim Stuart predicts that the shortage will not be resolved by the second quarter of next year. That said, the supply chain is waiting for new game console orders from November to the first quarter of next year. , Now there should be no tension, and supply chains including TSMC, Pegatron, Group Electronics, Lite-On, MediaTek, and more are expected to benefit.

In the game console world, sales of the Sony PlayStation series have always been much higher than that of Microsoft XBOX. During the life cycle of the PS series, the cumulative sales can be up to 100 million units sold. About 40 million pieces.

However, due to the epidemic this year, consumers are spending more time at home. Not only did the old models of the two major game consoles show strong sales in the first half, but strong demand had the opportunity to continue until the first quarter of next year, and the sales volume of the new generation of game consoles was much greater. It’s the highest in history, far exceeding the expected sales of Sony and Microsoft, and the new Microsoft XBOX host series X and S are hard to find.

Microsoft previously believed that the sales of the Series S for the new XBOX console would be far more than the high-end Series X. However, even the Series X, which Microsoft hasn’t sold since its official launch in early November, is a history of short supply. Since then, the best-selling XBOX high-end game console. In a recent investor forum, Microsoft’s CFO predicted that the shortage of new XBOX consoles will continue after Christmas high season (Q1 of next year) and may have to wait until the second quarter before supply catches up with demand.

The reason why the next generation products of the two game consoles are in short supply is not only because the demand is very strong, but AMD’s supply of customized chips does not keep up with the purchase momentum.

As for the supply chain, the previous XBOX supply chain mostly implied that shipments of new XBOX consoles increased from July to September, October. After November, orders will decrease or continue to increase with new console launches. It depends on the sales volume. Since the launch of the new host, the sales volume has set a rare record beyond the level of the previous generation host. Supply chain order volume starting from November is also expected to increase, and it is likely to grow in earnest until the second quarter of next year.

The assembly plant for the new Microsoft XBOX console is Pegatron. Power supplies are distributed by Group Electronics and Lite-On. All of AMD’s custom processors and graphics chips are manufactured by TSMC. The carrier board factory is also responsible for the new game console. It benefited from a surge in demand.

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