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Yoo Jang-san, Korea's 100,000 people, called the "flag flag" finale. | Politics | New Head Shell New Talk


Korean oil well party poster.

Korean oil well party poster. Photo: Kaohsiung Pretty Korean Yuhou Association Flip Facebook

The mayor of KMT Kaohsiung will hold a momentum show in Okayama on the evening of the 14th, and Xiao Hanjun, 13, director of Kaohsiung City, will call the national flag back to the finale and expect 100,000. People can participate in the event.

"Okayama Pretty Korean Friendship Club" will be held at 18:30 tomorrow at the Okayama River Embankment Park. The event led by the former Legislative Chairman of Wang Jinping and the Chairman of the Gaoshan Agricultural Association, "Three Mountains Battle" Fengshan and Qishan Yu-Mao of South Korea, led by Xiao, claimed that 50,000 and 30,000 people attended.

Xiao Han Zhuang is the 7-hectare park of the Okayama River and it is expected that 100,000 people will be attending. If you walk on the MRT or Taiwan Railway to the venue, Okayama Railway Station and Nankangshan MRT Station will also be opened. There is a volunteer's locomotive and a taxi to transport people to the place.

Xiao Hanjun said last night that the debate was triggered by a "nightly attack" in a mountain night party with his flag. At the Okayama party, "Night Attack" still sings, but the theme song of the finale is called "The Flag Song". When should I look outside the world?

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