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Anyone using the old K PLUS app should update! Before using the service on February 12

Google Thailand is ready to enter into a partnership with the e-commerce sector in Thailand, with more than 99.7% of the Thai companies being small and medium enterprises. And the output of SMEs is 42% of GDP, which is considered to be an important sector that leads the Thai economy. These businesses are starting to get more and more into the world of online businesses or e-commerce, but many still do not understand how to advertise through the Google Shopping advertising system. On February 5, Google launched Lnwshop, ReadyPlanet, an online business specialist is the most effective SME.

Google predicts that e-commerce growth will expand more than 14 times in 2025.

We want to help all three SME groups:

  • SME Group with Stores This group wants to have some stores in the online world.
  • Small business group with online store This group wants to see a lot of products and sell them quickly.
  • There is an SME group that already has a website page, but we are looking for a channel that you can easily reach from your website.

E-commerce SME assistant Lnwshop 1

Khn Natwit Pholwattanasuk, Managing Director of Lnwshop Online Store Lnwshop, an online store, and how to make it easy for people to see our products in the online world. Of course, one of them is advertising. We need to learn how to get the best results by visiting Lnwshop today, Thailand's first platform to link APIs to Google Shopping ads to make advertising easier with Google Shopping ads through Lnwshop.

There is also a resynchronization system, with all the contents of the page and live ads.

  • The updated product information ad will immediately display the current update.
  • Product inventory. When the product expires, the ad system is automatically truncated. Make it free
  • The prices are adjusted as we have determined immediately. Do not confuse customers when making a purchase. Your sales ads do not match.
  • Which is the customer coming through in the statistics report? Can I buy it immediately? You're ready to immediately notify us of your ad-per-sale value (conversion rate).

Smart Shopping Campaign

This system helps you earn the most from Google. The first 50 shops can do 11.75 times at the lowest cost! (Mainly based on the popularity of the product and the needs of the consumer)

Target system

Another ad that we regularly see frequently Ads targeted to customers interested in this type of product, and as you navigate to other websites, your ads may re-appear to customers based on your Google AdSense channel.

Conversion Tracking

Data Tracking System Can you understand what is attached automatically? Are you interested in this kind of product? Where you go through Google ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

Very simple ad system

Advertising through Lnwshop is very easy to use. What are the ads we want, the name of the store, what kind of product? Now you can advertise instantly with Google Shopping ads, which is how much money you can spend per day. The system automatically calculates the total amount needed to bid. For the most cost-effective results,

For those who are interested, Lnwshop offers special promotions. If you use Google Product Search ads, you'll be charged up to 33%.

Thailand's digital marketing assistant, ReadyPlanet

Mr.Pylot Khantamanon, CEO of ReadyPlanet

ReadyPlanet's one other service for Thai, prepared by Songyot Khantamanon, CEO of ReadyPlanet, says, "Would it be good for many entrepreneurs to measure the results of their investment on a daily basis? Non-product or intangible services We can measure you accurately and can help you advertise on the spot.

There are a lot of things that do not end with this command, however, the current consumer uses a search method when trying to search for products and putting orders into the basket. These websites do not generate revenue from lead genes or websites, but are sales generated by other channels such as phone calls or social media. These measurements are very difficult, but ReadyPlanet is helpful. Let this accurately understand the customer. And you can meet that point exactly "

ReadyPlanet has divided its work into two main groups.

  1. A digital platform to create a website / mobile ready app, including a CRM system for customers, a point accumulation system, and a reservation system
  2. Digital ads that work with Google ads, YouTube, social media, international markets, and specialists to recommend the most effective ads.

ReadyPlanet SalesDesk widget

Measure hard-to-measure data (leadgen) to measure website pages, and easily increase contact channels with one built-in channel.

Installation is simple in four steps. Follow the instructions in the step by step in Thai to put the code widget added to your website. It's like having an easy-to-use sales assistant. Offered free during the free trial period, this helper is another solution for small businesses that need help selling products through e-commerce.

Khun Sarani Boonrit Thongchai Marketing Manager Google SME Business Thailand

"Google has always focused on small and medium-sized businesses, and we want to promote the growth of all types of small and medium-sized businesses in Google for Thailand, held last year. Today we are very pleased to work with leading online store website providers such as Lnwshop and ReadyPlanet to improve the quality of experience in small business online business platforms. Does it help customers find products online more easily with Google Shopping ads or help merchants interact more effectively with their customers?Khun Sarani Boonrit Thongchai Marketing Manager Google SME Business Thailand

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Google works with leading websites to facilitate online sales. It's easier than ever to promote through Google. Create a small sme shop because you do not have to grow to be the only one. Get the opportunity to expand your online business. Like a good business person like a small amount of investment and very interesting promotions, it is very useful.


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