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Do not underestimate a nearly infectious, 14-foot-long, hard-wound infection.


The doctor warned not to underestimate injuries, bruises, bruises, or feet for 14 days. Wash the wound. But it turned into an infected wound. I almost had to finish.

Dr. Arak Wongworachat of Sichon Hospital Nakhon Si Thammarat Notification image posted via Facebook "Arak Wongworachat" Do not underestimate wound infection. A 50-year-old male patient with a left foot noted that he had hoofed for 14 days and later felt swollen legs. Wounds spread around the pus, blisters, black legs, fever, leg pain, body aches, but my body hurts. Low pressure, fast pulse, exhausted feeling.

The emergency room doctor will evaluate your bloodstream infection. Blood specimens were cultured to provide a solution to blood deprivation in the blood. Provide a disinfectant covering the major blood vessels. Take the rotten flesh before bringing the anesthesia room. Your doctor should decide between cutting your legs. Or eradicate only rotten meat and keep your legs.

However, before entering the operating room, you must first determine the patient and relative. If necessary, cut to save life. After removing the rotten meat during the evaluation surgery, still feed the blood and therefore remove the most rotten flesh. Keep your legs. And evaluate your symptoms every day.

Seven days have passed and you must keep your legs well. Then replace the new tissue and apply the wound for 14 days for a final skin transplant. The patient is hospitalized for about 30 days. This person could die because there were many other complicated diseases because there was no treatment cost before Universal Health Insurance system was used.

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