Saturday , June 3 2023

Farewell to Blue Sky Channel Due to dramatic rural music.


After Jodie held a New Year's blue sky and talked about the song, she has a capital supply. This clip can not be deleted. Because it goes into the technology blog system. This clip is permanently in the system. The Thai government can not remove it. And someone from abroad And what they say, right. There is a movement.

As a result, by the end of November, drama was the drama, Jodhima announced the new daily fare through its own personal Facebook. The message is next.

The "sky blue" farewell is one of the most difficult decisions in life.

Even in October 2011, the day he was DJ, he was entertaining. If you remember At that time, our country suffered a great flood. I do not know what inspired me to post a video on YouTube. The criticism of the catastrophe at that time was ineffective.

It will take a few days. All work was suspended. He was the first unemployed as he started working as a DJ at age three. Last year, I get a call from an unknown number. He contacted a newly-created satellite TV station. The Blue Sky channel, who called you at that time, was you. The former blue sky is on the advice of Korn Chatricavan.

As unemployed I agree to work immediately. From day to day. Time is seven years. "Fahrenheit" is the program that is served by the longest continuous rituals in life. This is one of the most popular items I've ever loved.

It's seven years. This was the time I became a journalist. Increase your experience with publishing and analyzing news. Know the news. More than that, it also gives you the opportunity to experience the politics of parliament. Korn Chatikavanij is a spokesman for parliamentarians and opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva

After the dissolution of the council in late 2013, the city is hot. I attended the big congregation as a student. In the corner of the communicator. Hyde Park is one of the millionaires of the audience, an experience that can never be found in life.

Seven years at Blue Sky I realized the style of programming that had the greatest impact. Progress is the uniqueness that people remember. This is the content of the show through satirical entertainment.

Time passes Changing circumstances The context of life is changing. I have offered the opportunity to broadcast news programs on digital TV and online TV stations. The Blue Sky event was a problem both for adults and for the public and questioned the credibility and impartiality of coverage. Because an anchor of the newshorse is on the news portal, which clearly supports the party and the other side of the political side.

There are other sensitive factors as well. Much more can not be cleared through this channel. But each one contributes to the end. I have to decide whether to finish the program. "Blue sky" tomorrow, sorry and I'm sorry, can not find any explanation. I have an image of the parable.

At the same time I insist on the inanimate nature of journalism, editors, listeners and newsgroups. And you're ready to use every possible opportunity to include news that has a positive impact on the polarity of your beloved. And the news that is negative to the polarity of hatred … It's everywhere on every station.

As soon as I have interviewed several times, the reporting principle is mandatory. "It's easy to say It's a corner, an evil man has to attack, good man should praise." Today, the principle remains the same.

I am not popular in any political party. But in the individual, more than …

Who is good Knowledge in the leadership of the country. Ideology is not made easy. It's a good idea to look at this, but that's not a good idea. Support for the leadership of the state.

No matter where it is organized. The principles in the paragraph above do not change. In politics I will do my best to encourage good people to have power. To control the wicked people to lift it.

In communication I present the news for public benefit. Waste disposal in the media Do not know what to do. Good news is prolonged. And they asked for the balance.

Among others, Blue Sky is politically incoherent political newsstand. I got the freedom to do the whole story. The team is loving, trustworthy and trustworthy. No hidden agenda can be annoyed. It's like a second home where I live, work, eat, sleep peacefully. What kind of thing?

Thanks for all the options. All the support And all the warmth of friendship at all stations finally endorses your heart over the past seven years of all audiences from the public. Do not forget to leave until you find a new one …

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