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Gladiator Armor Warrior 10 Country AFF Suzuki Cup 2018.


The ASEAN Football Championship is getting closer to the beginning of every minute. The story of many countries is still preparing for the final round. It is a matter of tactics. Include relationships within a team. In addition to stories outside the stadium, there is an opportunity to see the development of the modern era. The ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) has set the theme for this tournament by organizing the 2018 competition. New logo of AFF Suzuki cup and hash tag. #WearYourPride We convey the pride of the ASEAN region.

One of the highlights of this tournament is not to lose. It will be a race of 10 countries participating in this year's competition. Each country uses design strategies. To race. I want to suck money for most fans. Many brands have changed their brand. Change your brand Some countries update to a global brand. So today Fox Sports Thailand I want to take all the armor of 10 military commanders to fight in the war. AFF Suzuki Cup A few days later. View one or more races. My favorite fan.

Lao Team

V. Sunthorn Team. We still use old Thai products like FBT. This product is designed in a simple way. It is not very impressive. But still secretly using the red color is still putting different tricks on the fabric of three sets of hometown of Lao national team. Their visit dress comes in clean white. The third set is indigo blue with a blue stripe kimkimic. All three shirts. The collar is round.

East Timor

The new AFF Suzuki Cup player uses Indonesian products such as Narrow Sports, uses red to change colors, cuts the national color into black, and trims with lace and numbered colors. Some added dimension to their reunion. This kit comes in white.

Cambodia national team

T-shirt version, Thailand brand FBT use other countries. Their home dresses use a blue tint. Cut with the Navy. There is a vertical stripe in the middle of the pyramid. Triangle Please call me at a new angle. It is one of the most beautiful dresses. The Cambodian national team was so far away while their outfits were being used as white shirts. Tie six red stripes on the shirt.

Vietnam national team

Yellow Star used the main brands Nike and Adidas, but in the latter case, they used the product of Tire Grand Sport, the tire race version, in secret. The image of Vietnam is still familiar to its fans. All because it is a red system. It is almost their identity. Their home shirt is a blend of neck and neck. The sleeves have a pattern that is not too flat. There are not many sets. Same style as a homecoming dress. Change from red to white only.

Myanmar national team

A new look for a white angel branded to use Thai products such as Warix with sleek design and gourmet features. Myanmar national team. Please use a dark red dress for your alumni dress. Add dimensions to the shirt as a horizontal or vertical pattern. Collar is neck without neck. Also on the national team badge is the flag of the Mirror Marks Mini. Their attire is more than turning from red to white.

Philippine national team

Danagallah's soldiers use a sleek, stylish look. We use local products such as LGR sportswear as armor. Almost nothing or different from the original. The reunion is still white. There is a green circumcision on the right forearm. Cut the red trim around the left sleeve. Flag of Philippines This kit comes in dark blue. Red trim at the end of the sleeve. Your shirt has a unique watermark.

National team

Partial war veterans use Warwick products in the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time. Previously, the team logo was changed. The Thai national team started a big break with the set. So it may not look that much. Their homecoming dress is still blue. Dress is dark red. Both sets use the gold logo. The neck is a T-shirt. The fan version of the Thailand national team can be worn on both sides, but it is disappointing for fans. It is not sold to fans because the shirt is owned by the player's game version. This will be appealed by football players.

Malaysia national team

The Malaysian yellow shirt continues to hold Nike American products and is still identified. Use bright yellow as the primary color to trim the edges to the same black. If you find that your shirt has special effects that are hidden by a fade fake, your throat cuts neck. Clothes are considered novel because they use a blue background. The arm is red. The back collar has a yellow vertical strip.

Indonesian national team

Like Malaysia, Nike and other big-name Indonesians have won. There is nothing interesting. This may be because they already used the Nike lineup for the collection. Just stick to the logo and some special effects. The Indian Europe Alumni Association is still the main color of red. This kit is usable but white. Crop some green.

Singapore national team

Warlord uniforms Merlion Because they used Nike products, they were released in the same version as the Malaysian team and the Indonesian team. There may be a vertical pattern on your shirt to stand out. Dan lop's general still maintains a red color on his shoulders. Dress is light blue. And dark blue in the arms.

Thailand national team. As an old champion, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and East Timor are included in Group B.

Competition in split rounds.
On November 9, 2018, Timor Leste arrived in Thailand at 19:00 at the Raja Bamgala Stadium.
Thailand found Indonesia at 18:30 at the Rajamangala Stadium.
On November 21, 2018, the Philippines met with Thailand at the Panadat Stadium at 6:30 pm.
Thailand meets Singapore at 19:00 at the Rajamangala Gala Stadium.

Live on Channel 7HD, Bugaboo TV and FOX SPORT.

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