Tuesday , December 1 2020

HUAWEI Nova 4, the first punch display smartphone in Thailand, the latest design, leading the trend Flag chip level specifications TME launched in 2019

Huawei Leading technology, strengthening leadership Huawei Nova 4 Thailand's first newest punch display smartphone. The latest 6.4-inch design screen, smartphone specs, a flagship chip with 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory with built-in Kirin 970 chipset, and additional AI features. The most advanced three cameras with Ultra Wide Lens, wide angle shooting and a self-portrait that captures AI Celty Superstar with a 250,000 front camera

Meet the trendy people "Lynn – Madataswaws" Looking for a smartphone professional model, actor and fashion expert, unique and unique design. It will be officially released at the HUAWEI Official Store in Thailand Mobile Expo and Lazada Online Store from February 7th at 16,990 Baht and free HUAWEI FreeBuds Wireless Earphone Special Price 3,990 Baht

Tosafornnitanon Huawei Consumer Business Group (Thailand) vice president, "Huawei's brand has been well received by Thai customers every year and last year we exceeded our target sales HUAWEI nova Series is a sophisticated midrange smartphone that is an important product for Huawei's marketing One of them.

This year, Huawei is moving to the mid-range smartphone market. So we have launched Thailand's first smartphone punch display smartphone HUAWEI nova4. We believe that HUAWEI nova 4 will meet sophisticated design enthusiasts with innovative technologies. This product will be officially released at a price of 16,990 baht and will receive HUAWEI FreeBuds wireless earphone special price 3,990 baht (limited gift) from Thailand Mobile Expo and HUAWEI official store from February 7th. Online shopping Lazada "

HUAWEI nova 4, the first smartphone screen punch display in Thailand, bring the latest trends ahead of others The latest design without edges in the screen, 6.4 inches in size, up to 86.3% aspect ratio, wider than the original specifications, Kirin 970 power chip specifications It is used quickly and smooth flow with GPU Turbo 2.0 is played. There is no interference with the game. With EMUI 9.0 with 8 watts of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, you can experience full wide-angle shots in three cameras with ultra-wide lenses and in areas with limited AI front-facing cameras. It features a beautifully-edited self-image feature in a Socky superstar with 25 MP resolution, photo-quality poster. Artificial Intelligence HDR Pro self-photographing allows you to identify 8 self-photographs, more than 200 scenes and 3,750 mAh batteries.

In addition, Chic Lin-Matchatasuwanmas, the most sophisticated style representative of the launch event, has played a role as a professional model, actress and fashion expert. Experience the latest smartphone design with Punch Display screen technology.Linmitt "Lin personally likes the news about fashion trends, and he can work in entertainment and fashion, so he always has the opportunity to experiment with new styles and new items, and Lin makes him feel fun with new trends. Now that the industry has changed all the time, fashion items are no longer confined to clothes, but it is another fashion item that is always one of the smartphone's. Lin now wants to carry HUAWEI nova 4. Punch Display , Series viewing, social media playback on the whole screen, and so on. If you grab a hand, you can bring trends ahead of others. "

"Another impressive feature of Lin is the HUAWEI nova 4. With three cameras with Ultra Wide lens, you can see a wide screen or capture images in limited space, including grouping with many friends You do not have to do it anymore, and taking your self is beautiful and natural, AI Selfie Superstar, and more importantly, because Lin can use the battery for a long time. Linmitt Added

HUAWEI nova 4 is officially sold at 16,990 baht at HUAWEI Official Store in Thailand Mobile Expo and Lazada online store from 7th February and free price HUAWEI FreeBuds wireless earphone special price 3,990 baht (limited amount)

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