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‘Ling Ling’, begging fans to show off their first drama skills’As long as there is the sun in the sky’-Daegi enters the group for the first time.


November 17, 2020
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Patricia Mophon he first joined the department.

A photo of the first atmosphere of today’s colorful entertainment drama’The Wrong Couple’, actors’Patricia’,’Momon Chanok’, and’Wan’ who played the role of’Bim’ willingly enlist’Pana Bat’ from the’Nick’ chapter to the military. They opposed each other without being able to suppress them. You can wait to follow along in’Duet’.

‘Job’ sweet show,’marriage scene’ asking for faded memories’

After a reconciliation scene between Athipat (Job Thatchaphon) and Chomchanok (Scene Phatsatharakorn) in the drama’Faded Memories’, it’s time to have a sweet scene. This is the scene where Athipat is surprised to see the wedding in a warm atmosphere. Don’t miss the last episode on November 18th 20.20

‘Lingling’, begging fans to love the first drama’until the sun is in the sky’

Ling Ling Sirilak Kong, Anti-Thai-Hong Kong Girl Newcomer Drama Debut Preparations’As long as there is the sun in the sky’ with the dream girl’Ling’ Chang of Atit (Mak Prin) and Thanon (Pan Chan Phra Ma) is rich in powder To cut the elbow (Nine Supa Sara)) what will be, you have to wait to follow Press 33 on channel 3 to 20.20, this time from 19th November until the sun comes in the sky.

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