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Loei-Nong Khai You need to be concerned about the Mekong River.


The Mekong River in the Chiang Khan-Pak Chom region of Loei, which has been in operation for the last decade, is located at Nong Khai, the lowest level in 50 years, Chaiyabali Dam) We are testing an electric radiator. Mekong (Mekong) level fluctuation

Reporters reported on July 17 that the Mekong River in the Chiang Khan district of Loei province was dry. And the islands are in the middle of the river. Until some areas have been able to walk to the Lao PDR, which has never been experienced in the past decade, villagers have no agricultural water resources in the riverside area. Pak Chom's Chiang Khan District Two villagers worried that Chaiyabile Dam in Lao PDR would not have been able to unleash the Mekong. There is no water to produce tap water. Until the provincial water authorities point out that there is enough water to produce tap water, residents must collect large amounts of Mekong fish.

Pramual Lapjit, Loejit, Maryland, said that along the Mekong River, people from various communities in the Pak Chom area will reach the banks of the Mekong River on rainy or rainy season every year. But this year the water was dry and over the last decade I have seen sand flocks and islands in the middle of the Mekong River. Because of the seasonal rain and the newly built Chaiya Bualai dam does not drop water. Getting caught up to the small boat dry the Mekong, it can not pass a big boat carrying thing. Residents of residents' municipalities engaged in agriculture by building agricultural land bass without water We worry that there will be no water to produce tap water.

However, residents who are familiar with the dry Mekong River in the Chiang Khan district and the many villages of Pak Chom area bring the fried fish of large and small Mekong fish to cook and distribute their neighbors

The reporters asked Chiang Khan provincial sheriff Chatchapong Maykaew. Loei immediately notified the Laoedaily news website of Laos. It will fluctuate between July 15-29 due to the Chaiyabuee Dam to watch the water level on the Mekong River on the afternoon of July 16, 62 years old. During the Lao PDR and electrical tests, the water level in the Mekong will rise and fall rapidly. In the news, the Provincial Waterworks Bureau, Chiang Khan Branch and Park Chum Branch of the Chiang Khan Sheriff were reported to have no effect. From pumping raw water to tap water production, people do not have to worry about using tap water.

"We would like to inform Shayabali that Shayabali, the Mekong River hydroelectric project, will test the Electron Spinning Unit 5 for 72 consecutive hours at 12 noon on July 17, 2019 (3 ​​days). This test was conducted on the Mekong River As a result, the water level on the project dam is reduced from 273.3 meters to 271 meters (masl), the water is about 0.75 meters per day, and the water level downstream is reduced. It is not normal and increases to the highest level of 237.5 meters until the end of the test. The project will inform you that the water will flow normally. Inform people living along the Mekong,

Likewise, on June 17, the level of the Mekong River flowing through the Nong Khai province fell more than 0.5 meters above sea level. Nong Khai Hydrology 's recent 50 – year record low in the Mekong has dropped to 80 centimeters below the waterline by 11.4 meters, down to 50 centimeters, a sharp decline in Mekong' s water level. Achieved lowest water mark in 50 years

It is now possible to see stilts under the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge from the very fast and very low level of the Mekong River. There are many pontoons and boats parked on the banks of the Mekong River on the Mekong River.

In addition, it also makes thousands of khairai. Thousands of rocks, large and small, about 300 meters wide, along the Mekong River, long distance, 5 kilometers from the Mekong River basin Ban Huai Kho, Ban Nong Ban, Phu Khao Thong and Ban Muang, Tambon Ban Muang, Amphoe Sangkhom and Nong Khai Province It is more than a kilometer. As a result, the boat traffic in the area will need to be close to the Lao PDR only until it can walk with a small branch of water flowing through the dry rocks. It is generally beautiful when the Mekong is between 2.50 and 3.50 meters.

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