Friday , October 7 2022

More than 71,000 COVIDs in Myanmar, Suu Kyi warning, more patients increase


“Now we had a meeting during the election,” Sugi told television. And to that, officials further found that the infection had spread to other areas including Irrawaddy, Bago and Mandalay. As the country’s second-largest city, the infection rate is now stable at around 1,000 people per day.

The Myanmar government is exploring new ways. To control outbreaks, more than 230 private hospitals in Myanmar are making final preparations to support COVID-19 patients by participating in the Public Health Network Expansion Plan and the private health sector. And governments can use community patrols to enforce gap measures.

In addition, Indonesia, the largest country infected with COVID-19 in ASEAN, currently has 474,455 cases, with 15,393 deaths, the Philippines with 410,718 cases and 7,862 deaths, 4th after Myanmar, Singapore, 58,130 infections, 28 deaths, Malaysia Followed. 49,730 infections, 318 deaths

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