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Samsung celebrates 10 years to win the hearts of consumers. As a pioneer of smartphone innovation


Looking back 10 years ago, no one will think about the need for a cell phone. Or that it would be indispensable equipment. But now, technology and innovation have transformed the way people communicate and how they live. If you receive only one short message from the pager, start development until you have two-way communication via voice and text. What we imagined or saw in science fiction was realized through a group of people who dared to think outside the box. And create it. People in this age have become mobile phones or factor 5.

Samsung Galaxy

Early mobile phones were very competitive in form and size. Of course, every manufacturer is exploiting new technologies to develop their own products to meet target groups. But one of the leaders in the telecommunication technology industry is Samsung, the world leader in mobile phone innovations. I am not afraid to invent something new to provide a more complete communication experience. Samsung Electronics has created a worldly phenomenon of constant leadership. It calls Buzz through a trick that has never appeared before and makes an impression whenever the phone starts.

In 2002, Samsung Electronics revolutionized the industry by first supplying LCD screens to mobile phone displays. And when the first generation Galaxy phones were launched in 2010, they created a world of excitement with a 5-million-resolution 4-inch super AMOLED display. Pixel became the first known mobile phone in the world, completely redefining what was once known.

Decision not to stop development Samsung has been creating new phenomena that will surprise the world. And is the only manufacturer with a record of existence. "World first" – bringing the ultimate innovation to mobile phones Whether you use multiple screens simultaneously to meet ever-changing user needs Water and dust resistance or innovative curved screen edges While the screen is off without wasting battery life Until the "Always On" function is displayed on the screen, the Galaxy S 8 displays the infinity

Because of its interest in the product and pioneer in many innovations, camera performance beautiful design is worth making Samsung Galaxy S an easy-to-use smartphone in the premium market. Strengthen your brand's continued confidence in your brand

And today is another important step and a good opportunity. Samsung will succeed and change the world. Like SDC 2018's announcement of the launch of the innovative folding screen or Infinity Flex Display, it again shocked the mobile phone industry. It becomes template technology for future mobile phones.

In addition to constantly developing designs and functions, Samsung also focuses on trends in connectivity through future technologies such as 5G. Samsung is a patent holder of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) in developing devices supporting 5G. Of course, Samsung will not stop. Invent something new to cope with the changes that will happen. According to the brand's goal, this is an innovation that makes life easier for users. Using technology, you can continue to do more.

The long journey of the Samsung Galaxy is full of excitement and novelty for the whole world. Although it is not easy for many people to make smartphones in the galaxy, this year Samsung has products that are waiting to create new phenomena for everyone. Be part of celebrating important milestones at the same time. Unpacking Samsung Galaxy Real-time broadcasts sent directly from San Francisco USA Thursday, February 21, 2 am (Thailand time) Website:,,, galaxy or

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