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Stroke, early treatment, remote sensation, numbness, numbness: sharp, dip, online

stroke. You will know soon. Heal from a long distance. Numbness, numbness, pillar … health care

In the past, I heard about the risk of stroke and stroke, one of the terrible diseases. But you still ignore yourself, but did you know that the risk of this disease is worse than you think. Someday we may be a good day seat limb weakness bent mouth, bent face or severe headache I could not help myself all of a sudden. In the past, the symptoms were still good, but the disease often occurs in the elderly. But nowadays it is found in modern workers because stroke is not a distant problem. Everyone is in danger.

Stroke The brain is in shortage of food due to narrow or clogged arteries or broken blood vessels resulting in brain damage tissue and some or all brain dysfunction and symptoms suddenly occur Cerebrovascular disease is classified into two types: The blood transport efficiency reduction stroke is blocked. Blood clots occur in the heart, which leads to blockage of blood vessels in the brain. 2. Atherosclerosis is caused by blood vessels that are ruptured or fragile. Due to high blood pressure or blood vessels lose their elasticity When fat accumulates in the blood vessels, they easily break and lead to bleeding in the brain. And subsequent damage to the brain Early observation of stroke symptoms according to the FAST principle

F (face) The patient's face is deformed. Mouths on one side may be distorted, or some patients may develop symptoms during a meal, such as food from the mouth. Or you can easily test it by drooling in one corner of the mouth. By trying to make the patient laugh or laugh

Weakness in the limbs The patient can not move either side of the limb. There can be only legs or two limb patients, mostly on the same side, to raise the two limbs for easy testing. Falling to one side indicates a problem

S (negative) patients speak unclear, like a tongue, and hang up. Or some people can not speak or do not know, listen to orders and some relatives think the patient is confused. By easily allowing the test patient to follow in simple words like Bangkok or by pointing the clock pen and asking what is called. Or just pick up two fingers and follow the simple instructions.

T (time) because time is the most important for stroke patients. Bring suspected stroke patients to the nearest hospital as soon as possible to prevent brain damage over time. Every second, brain cells become more damaged, which helps to reduce brain tissue damage if treated quickly.Standard time, or magic number, is an important figure in the treatment of stroke patients, which helps to increase survival and reduce the risk of paralysis. Helpful Stoke Golden Hour does not exceed 4.5 hours after the onset of symptoms.

Preventable Stroke If you exercise regularly, eat more weight-controlling salty foods, sweet foods, fatty foods, fruits and vegetables. Annual health screening To find out the risk factors for stroke, risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure cholesterol. There are other factors such as age and obesity. Stroke treatment depends on the type of symptom severity and duration If the patient is treated immediately, it should be treated and treated strictly according to the opportunity risk factors far from the disorder and mortality or the person who already has the stroke, as directed by the doctor. Patients with this disease already have a chance to come back and relapse rate than ordinary people

Dr. Patima Viwesontorn, MD.
Rama 9 Hospital

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