Friday , March 31 2023

Thailand 's Maldives officials ordered them to disband within 90 days.


The military inspects the island. Maldives, Thailand. After filing a complaint in such an area. Sea encroachment

The military is investigating tourists with nicknames such as Koh Jag Resort, Bangchan District, Khaleung District, Chanthaburi Region, or Maldives. After filing a complaint in such an area. Sea-encroaching The ninth resort was demolished within 90 days.

Koh Majors Resort tenant Cham Mulpole Sao (28 years old) will lease 50,000 Baht per month including Narong Swanin, who owns Kojiquu Resort.

Narong Swanin, owner of Koh Jog Resort, said he was asked to do so. A tax of 8,000 Baht per year is levied through the local administrative authorities in your area and after the employees have ordered the inspection and dismantling of nine resorts that invade the sea. You are ready to follow. Tourists booked a room. I asked for cancellation. When will it be removed? First, you should talk to your staff.

Cocogue Resort Maldives Thailand Award. Because you promote the room from the sea. Even published in society. The current criticism of illegal or not.

Information and Clip Auditing: Amarintv, Channel 3 this evening

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