Saturday , June 3 2023

The 4-year-old cousin was sexually abused – innnews


A 4-year-old girl was sexually abused by a 13-year-old boy. They are both relatives. I have to admit that some machines are in search of justice. I was born in Bang Chak District. Angthchai Chan, Ang Thong, a 4-year-old boy living in a family home, is worried and worried about the condition of her girlfriend who is depressed and paranoid. The girl A. Can record events On the day of the accident I am a bisexual (sexually) and I took the penis and stung my penis. When it hurts to cry. B. Do not tell your mom A bedroom in the house in the house.

Miss Supatcha, the mother of her, found out she was a girl's father. I went up to meet with the boy and her daughter. Her trousers were removed, and the boy was sitting in the arms of her sexual organs. When the boy saw him, he was frightened and ran away, and the family had consulted enough in the house and found the boy. The boy was afraid of trembling. I know I'm wrong. The boy told B's parents about the whole event. Initially, they called the warned boy. Why did B answer this? I do not want to give up on the parents. The boy B was sentenced to punishment and then came out and his family had no contact with the family. The family knew he was the boy. He was born four times and then quietly. Why so bad?

First, Supachatcha informs you. Police Chief Captain Prathum, Police Chief Commander, Bangchak, Wiset Chai Chan and overheard them. At the beginning, girls check the body, waiting for results and asking. The exam requires a psychologist or social worker. Attorney Take part in the exam. To find the truth you find the truth. Follow the steps of the law.

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